2024-2025 Academic Catalog

Classical Liberal Studies (CLS)

CLS-2100: History and Philosophy of Western Education (3 hours)

A survey of the content and rationale of academic curricula and methods from 500 B.C. to present with an emphasis on primary source material and content-driven pedagogical methods. Required: Field experience. Co-Requisite: CLS-2200 .

CLS-2200: Classical Pedagogy (3 hours)

A comparative survey of textbooks, educational reforms, standards, rubrics, and classroom practices and management used in classical education. Required: field experience. Co-Requisite: CLS-2100.

CLS-2300: Christianity and Humanities (3 hours)

An exploration of both the historical and contemporary interaction of the humanities and the Christian church. Special attention is given to how Lutheran theology shapes the Christian’s understanding of literature and the fine arts. Prerequisite: C or higher in one of the following THY-1100, THY-1210, THY-2010, THY-3105, or instructor consent.

CLS-4100: Teaching Virtue (3 hours)

A survey of education and the teaching of truth, goodness, and beauty. This course will explicitly consider how a Classical classroom educator addresses issues of classroom deportment and behavior. Required: field experience. Co-requisite: CLS-2100.

CLS-4200: The Art of Rhetoric (3 hours)

An examination of the disciplines of Polemics and Apologetics. Exploration and application of effective use of the Socratic Method in a contemporary classroom. Required: field experience. Co-requisite: CLS-2200.

CLS-4910: Special Topics: Classical Liberal Studies (3 hours)

An in-depth study of a topic relevant to a current topic in the discipline or a topic of interest that is not addressed in other departmental courses. The course may be repeated for credit so long as the topic is different.

CLS-4915: Special Topics in Classical Pedagogy (1-3 hours)

Examination and practical application of special topics in Classical Pedagogy. Possible topics include discipline related content and classical teaching methodologies for the Arts, Humanities, or Sciences. Course may be repeated. Required: Field experience. Co-requisite: CLS-2200. Course fees may apply.

CLS-4950: Independent Study in Classical Liberal Studies (1-6 hours)

CLS-4990: Classical Pedagogy Internship (6-12 hours)

Relating classroom concepts to practical work in a classically oriented classroom. Minimum of eight weeks of full-time supervised practicum in a school that is an accredited member of a recognized professional association (e.g., CCLE, ACCS, SCL). Prerequisites: CLS-2200 and 12 hours in Theology. Must be in the Classical Educator, Classical Lutheran Educator, or Deaconess Program. Offered Pass/Fail.