2022-2023 Academic Catalog

Marketing (MKT)

MKT-2101: 21st Century Concepts of Marketing (3 hours)

This course provides students with foundational knowledge of the marketing activities of organizations. It explores the core concepts of marketing including the marketing mix, consumer behavior, segmenting and targeting markets, marketing research, and the development of marketing plans to assist in managerial decision-making. The course examines the internal and external environment affecting marketing activities, the role of intermediaries, the effect of government regulations, sales and advertising, and new digital strategies. Students focus attention on the vital role of marketing and effective marketing plans in today’s global economy. Replaces: MKT-2100 , HCMP-3000, and OMP-4605.

MKT-2105: Essentials of Digital Marketing (3 hours)

This course applies the fundamentals of marketing to the digital media and technology landscape. It explores best practices for using core digital platforms and effective online advertising, search and social media techniques. The course examines implementing an effective omni-channel digital strategy and monitoring its digital presence. It focuses on web-based content, search engine optimization (SEO), online display advertising, mobile technology and media, various marketing channels and touchpoints, and digital analytics. The course also probes questions of ethics, privacy and corporate social responsibility when conducting digital marketing activities. Prerequisite: C or higher in MKT-2101.

MKT-4000: Marketing Research (3 hours)

This course develops an understanding of the research process from problem formulation, research design, context, and resources related to marketing research. Both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies are discussed. The focus is on using research results in marketing decision making. Prerequisite: C or better in MKT-2101 and MAT-2000 or PSY-2310.

MKT-4100: Marketing II (3 hours)

Marketing strategies, using marketing research; organizing, controlling and planning marketing activities, marketing audits. Prerequisite: C or better in MKT-2101.

MKT-4110: Advertising (3 hours)

Advertising's role in the marketing process. Advertising media, planning, managing and evaluating advertising. Prerequisite: C or better in MKT-2101.

MKT-4130: New Product Development (3 hours)

An introduction to the process of developing and managing new products, including idea generation and concept development, evaluation, commercialization, advertising and promotion. Prerequisite: C or better in MKT-2101.

MKT-4140: Global Marketing (3 hours)

International marketing institutions and customs; political considerations; legal environment, product development, pricing, promotion and distribution strategies. Prerequisite: C or better in MKT-2101 and junior/senior standing.

MKT-4145: Multicultural Marketing (3 hours)

This course will focus on multicultural marketing using the cultures that have been a major part of Chicago in the past and that are reshaping its future. The city of Chicago and its people will be a resource for interactive learning and active engagement with the subject matter. Students will look at the ways different cultures use the principles of marketing to present themselves to the mainstream culture and the ways marketers can successfully reach these communities. Lectures will be supplemented by a trip to relevant neighborhoods, visits to cultural centers and museums, and meals to experience and learn both food customs and table manners. Field Trip: Required. Additional cost for field trips. Fee: Required.

MKT-4150: Consumer Behavior (3 hours)

Economic, social and psychological environment affecting consumption decisions. Marketing and consumer strategies. The role of communications in the consumption process. Prerequisite: C or better in MKT-2101.

MKT-4160: Retailing (3 hours)

Retailing environment. Location analysis. Planning, locating and managing retail operations. Service and electronic retailing. Prerequisite: C or better in MKT-2101.

MKT-4210: Demographic Analysis (3 hours)

Focuses on the acquisition and use of demographic data as it applies to developing and implementing marketing strategies.

MKT-4540: Marketing Communication (3 hours)

Emphasizes the development of marketing plans and strategies. This course serves as the platform for the marketing completion among the other Concordia Universities sponsored by Lutheran Church Extension Fund every Spring Semester. Prerequisite: C or better in MKT-2101.