2024-2025 Academic Catalog

Additional Fees

Room and Board/Food Services and Parking Fees

Campus Housing

All campus housing charges are prorated to the date a student officially checks out with Residence Life staff from the residence hall (not the academic withdrawal date). Meal plan charges will be prorated to the amount actually used from the plan. After eight weeks in a semester, no housing refunds will be given. Any semester(s) not attended will be refunded in full.

Rates are normal room occupancy of two and three persons. Single room accommodations, if space is available, may be requested for an additional fee. Single rooms are available on a limited basis. All single room requests must be approved by the Director of Student Housing.

Room Reservation Deposit

Returning students: $200
New students: $200

A deposit for a room reservation is required of all students applying and reapplying for residence in University Housing for the fall or spring semester. This deposit will be applied to the regular room fee and must be paid in full to be considered for reservation of a specific room whether applying or reapplying for housing. Late room reservation will incur an additional $180 fee. After May 1 the room reservation deposit is non-refundable.

Refund of the room reservation deposit can be made only if the Director of Residence Life is notified in writing of room cancellation prior to July 15 of the year of enrollment or re-enrollment or by December 1 if entering in the spring semester. The Office of Residence Life reserves the right to rescind a private room when space is needed.

Room and Board Fees

All students living in University housing are required to pay both room and board fees.

Semester $5,755.00
Annual $11,510.00

Single-Occupancy Dorm Room Fee in Addition to Room and Board Fees

Mary-Martha/Kohn-Lindemann-Brohm-Krauss/David Jonathan
Room Type Semester Annual
Standard Double Room $3,275.00 $6,550.00
Room Type Semester Annual
Standard Double Room $3,525.00 $7,050.00
Concordia Hall
Room Type Semester Annual
Standard Double Room $4,275.00 $8,550.00
Standard Single Room $4,525.00 $9,050.00

Dorm Key Replacement Fee


Residence Hall Damages

Residence Hall damages are assessed when, after students have removed all their belongings from the room, checked out properly with the residence hall staff, and returned their keys, the room condition form indicates any damages to areas such as the residence hall room, floor, hall or furnishings. After this assessment, the student’s tuition account will be billed for these damages to the residence hall. Additional community charges might apply for hall damages identified as such.

Food Service

Specific information regarding meal plans (both resident and commuter) can be found at CUChicagodining.sodexomyway.com. There are no refunds on meals missed. The student meal pass is not transferable. Consult the Housing Agreement for additional conditions.

No refund is allowed on food service unless notification is received by the Director of Residence Life four days prior to the effective date of cancellation for the semester. A full refund is awarded for semester sessions not attended. Semester refunds for those moving off campus will be prorated. Withdrawals from school will be based on the federal policy as previously stated.

Credit for consecutive absences (in excess of two weeks) from the University meal service will be allowed under certain limited conditions, such as illness or other causes beyond the control of the student, if reported to the office of the Dean of Students within one week, will be based on the initiation of the absence.

Meal Plans

Meal Plan Semester Annual
Block 225 Plan (Default) (225 meals+$300 Cougar Cash) $2,480.00 $4,960.00
All Access Plan (Unlimited meals + 10 Guest meals + $200 Cougar Cash) $2,840.00 $5,680.00
Block 125 Plan (125 meals + $400 Cougar Cash) $2,380.00 $4,760.00

Commuter Minimum Board Fee (Cougar Cash)

$100 per semester / $200 annually

Parking Fee

Commuter Vehicle Fee (no overnight parking) $176 per year; $88 per semester

Resident Vehicle Fee (overnight) $640 per year, $320 per semester