2024-2025 Academic Catalog

Sales (SAL)

SAL-2000: Introduction to Negotiations (3 hours)

Introduces students to the role of negotiations in day-to-day business operations and frames negotiations as a tool for communications and influence. Students will develop the skills to identify and demonstrate key negotiation techniques in a negotiation environment as well as day-to-day business operations.

SAL-2010: Introduction to Sales (3 hours)

Introduces the role of sales as a strategic element in creating value for an organization and examines the sales function as a source of sustainable competitive advantage. Students will gain knowledge of the vast world of sales, a complete understanding of the sales process, as well as develop the skills to build a pathway to success in both the goods and service industries.

SAL-4910: Special Topics: Sales (3 hours)

An in-depth study of a topic relevant to a current topic in the discipline or a topic of interest that is not addressed in other departmental courses. The course may be repeated for credit so long as the topic is different.

SAL-4950: Independent Study in Sales (1-6 hours)