2022-2023 Academic Catalog

Geography (GEO)

GEO-1100: Geography of North America (3 hours)

Spatial patterns and relationships in the United States and Canada. Focus on physical environment, population, cultural and economic relationships. Field Trip: Required.

GEO-1200: World Geography: Culture Patterns (3 hours)

A geographical study of global demographic, cultural, political, historical and economic patterns. Field Trip: Required. IAI:S4906 .

GEO-1300: The Developing World (3 hours)

Current realities and problems associated with the Developing World. The economic, spatial and political context of the Third World. Replaces: ECO-1300. Field Trip: Required.

GEO-4400: Natural Resource Management (3 hours)

Human use of the Earth's resources—land, minerals, air, water, vegetation and wildlife. Field Trip: May be required. Prerequisite: C or higher in EAS-1105.