2024-2025 Academic Catalog

MBA Leadership and Change Management (MBAL)

MBAL-6005: The Leader as Trainer, Mentor and Coach (3 hours)

This course is designed to provide students with an overview of the methods used by leaders to approach training, coaching and developing their organizational workforces. Faced with the constant of change and ever-increasing global competition and pressures, organizations must find ways to develop the individuals, teams and leaders in their organizations if they are to remain relevant and competitive in today’s marketplace. Students explore various means that can be used for development, including various forms of training, mentoring and coaching. Ethical issues as they relate to development and coaching are also examined. Cross-Listed: OLDR-6800.

MBAL-6010: Leader Development: Cultivating, Sustaining and Renewing the Organization (3 hours)

This course is designed to provide an opportunity for exploration and critical examination of self in the context of leadership development and proficiency. The organizational leader is viewed as the lead learner whose responsibility is to cultivate, shape and sustain the development of the organization and personnel. Emphasis is placed on the practice of self-reflective leadership grounded in established theory and principles. Students are encouraged to self-assess and articulate their own generative capacities, professional renewal initiatives and leadership legacy. Purpose, intention and actionable plans for leadership growth and development are encouraged. Cross-Listed: OLDR-6810.

MBAL-6015: Leadership Communication and Decision-Making (3 hours)

This course is designed to provide students with an overview of the key elements of communication and decision-making in 21st-century organizations. Current, relevant and timely resources are explored to provide students with opportunities to analyze elements and functions of communication and decision-making. Significant emphasis will be on effective communication skill sets and competencies utilized in organizational communication and decision-making in the current global milieu, working in both real-world and virtual environments. Cross-Listed: OLDR-6830.

MBAL-6020: Agents of Change (3 hours)

In this course students will examine the various roles and processes in organizational intervention as they relate to identifying, implementing and sustaining change. Organizational culture, climate, communication practices, mental models and change theories will be explored. Cross-Listed: OLDR-6840.