2024-2025 Academic Catalog

Communication Minor

Minor Requirements 21 hours.

You can select any combination of courses from the different course lists below as long as it adds up to 21 credits. 

Minors can be added to a major and all courses must be completed. A student cannot be awarded a degree with just a minor. Courses within the minor can double count in the major as long as 1/3 of the courses are unique to the major or any other minor. 

COM-4000Communication Research and Writing3
COM-4910Topics in Communication3
COM-4950Independent Study in Communication1-6
COM-4990Internship in Communication3-12
Suggested Courses
Strategic Communication (Suggested)
COM-2400Public Relations3
COM-3200Business Communication3
COM-4230Organizational and Team Communication3
COM-4260Event Planning and Management3
Human Communication and Culture (suggested)
COM-2300Interpersonal Communication3
COM-3220Nonverbal Communication3
COM-3210Family Communication3
COM-4110Advanced Speech Communication3
COM-4250Intercultural Communication3
COM-4880Independent Communication Research3
Media Studies (Suggested)
COM-2200Introduction to Film Studies3
COM-2500Global Documentary3
COM-3450Film Genres3
COM-3650Film Directors3
COM-3750National Cinema3
COM-4100Media and Cultural Studies3
COM-4331International Film History3
Media Production (Suggested)
COM-4310Radio Production I3
COM-4311Radio Production II3
COM-4360Media Production I3
COM-4361Media Production II3
COM-4364Broadcast News Production3
COM-4450WCGR Practicum I1
COM-4451WCGR Practicum II1.5