2021-2022 Academic Catalog

Theater Minor

Minor Requirements

Required Courses
THR-1100Introduction to Theater3
THR-2140Theatre Production I1
or THR-2141 Theatre Production II
THR-2200Acting 13
Select nine hours from the following:9
Acting 3
Shakespeare’s Theaters
Revolutions and Political Theater
Latino and Latina Theater
Method to their Madness: Stanislavsky, The Group Theatre and the American Actor
Illegitimate Theater: Vaudeville and Popular Entertainment
The Cog in the Machine: Female Playwrights and the American Theater
Voice and Movement
Drama in Christian Worship
Contemporary Theater
The American Musical
Acting 4
Directing a One-Act Play
Lighting Design
Costume Design
Set Design
Script Analysis
Topics in Theater
Total Hours22

Graduation Requirements

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