2022-2023 Academic Catalog

Kinesiology (KIN)

KIN-1000: Physiological Basis of Exercise (3 hours)

Introduction to the domains of exercise science including: physiological systems, exercise physiology, clinical assessment, and exercise and sports nutrition.

KIN-1010: Evidence Based Practice in Exercise Science (3 hours)

Identify appropriate research to answer questions and support decisions, and illustrate those findings via scientific communication principles. Replaces: SRMP-2030.

KIN-1200: Applied Kinesiology (3 hours)

Introduction to functional anatomy. Topics covered include: anatomical terminology, musculoskeletal anatomy and common musculoskeletal injuries.

KIN-1400: Health and Fitness Assessment (3 hours)

Introduction to health and fitness assessments methodology. Topics covered include: risk factor assessment, pre-participation screening, and health and fitness assessments.

KIN-2000: Health Risk Appraisal (3 hours)

Application of health and fitness assessments. Prepares students to complete health and fitness assessments and interpret results. Pre-requisite; KIN-1010 and KIN-1400.

KIN-2200: Nutrition, Exercise, and Behavior (3 hours)

Introduction to nutrition and behavioral science. Topics covered include: components of nutrition, dietary recommendations for health and performance, popular diets, and dietary adherence strategies. Pre-requisites: KIN-1010 and KIN-1000.

KIN-2400: Principles of Strength and Conditioning (3 hours)

Introduction to the foundational concepts of strength and conditioning. Topics covered include: strength and conditioning terminology and foundations, strength and conditioning exercises, and warmup strategies. Pre-requisites: KIN-1010 and KIN-1200.

KIN-3200: Health and Fitness Programming Management I (3 hours)

Introduction to the health and fitness programming. Topics covered will include: adults CPR and first aid, foundations of programming, program setup and introduction to periodization. Pre-requisites: KIN-2000.

KIN-3400: Health and Fitness Programming Management II (3 hours)

Application of health and fitness programing. Prepares students to program for different health and fitness goals. Pre-requisites: KIN-3200.

KIN-4000: Exercise Psychology (3 hours)

Introduction to exercise psychology. Topics covered include: principles of exercise psychology, transtheoretical model, goal-setting strategies, strategies for increasing exercise adherence, and strategy implementation. pre-requisites: KIN-2000.

KIN-4200: Special Topics in Kinesiology (3 hours)

Exploration of current topics in Kinesiology. Pre-requisites: KIN-3200.

KIN-4400: Exercise Leadership (3 hours)

Introduction to career management in health and fitness. Topics covered include: ethical considerations, sales and marketing, operation and facilities, and career management. Pre-requisites: KIN-3200.