2024-2025 Academic Catalog

Grant Writing Management and Evaluation (GME)

GME-6215: Budgeting, Grant Writing and Third Source Funding (3 hours)

Principles of budgeting as it relates to program and educational needs. Writing grants and identifying and securing additional program funding from government and third-party sources.

GME-6300: Introduction to Grants (3 hours)

Provides an overview of key components of the grant process. Identifying priorities, utilizing grant databases and distinguishing various giving sources such as foundations, corporations, government agencies and individuals. Strategies for proposal development, researching, identifying and cultivating partnerships.

GME-6310: Introduction to Not-for-Profit Organizations (3 hours)

Not-for-profit organizations and the environment they operate in. A profile of the industry and an introduction to a not-for-profit’s organizational purpose, governance and funding structures. Emphasis on ethics and social-economic issues and the difficult task of transforming an organization’s purpose into action. A service learning project will incorporate theories into real-world applications.

GME-6330: Grant Management (3 hours)

Provides an overview of the basics of grants management and procedures required for proposal processing within organizations. Addresses programmatic and financial aspects from project development, proposal development, partnership/relationship building, implementation, audits and monitoring, through closeout procedures.

GME-6340: Theories and Models of Evaluation for Grants (3 hours)

Focuses on the ability to identify conceptual similarities and differences between contemporary models of evaluation practice. Reviews historical perspectives and evolution of evaluation. Introduction to theories, models, standards and procedures common to program evaluation. Methods to determine appropriate selection of a program evaluation strategy for grants.

GME-6350: Principles and Methods of Evaluation for Grants (3 hours)

This course will prepare candidates with knowledge of national program evaluation standards, an understanding of major principles and methods for designing program evaluation activities, developing and implementing useful and valid evaluation design procedures, and reporting program evaluation results for grants.

GME-6950: Independent Study in Grant Writing, Management and Evaluation (1-6 hours)

GME-6990: Capstone Project for Grant Writing, Management and Evaluation (3 hours)

Candidates will be required to synthesize knowledge gained in the M.A. in Grant Writing, Management, and Evaluation program by providing written evidence of an internal or external program evaluation and/or submission of a grant proposal. Candidates will be required to demonstrate their ability to plan and think strategically, to present ideas concisely and persuasively to an agency or organization in their field through the application of course content and evaluation theory.