2022-2023 Academic Catalog


New Student and Registration Fees

Enrollment Deposit


The enrollment deposit is required of all new degree-seeking students within 60 days of their admittance to the University. The deposit is not refundable after May 1 for new students entering for the fall semester and after December 15 for new students entering for the spring semester. This deposit is not required of returning students.

Late Registration Fee for Returning Students


This non-refundable fee is assessed of all returning students registering after June 1.

Registration & Records Fee

$46 per semester / $92 annually

All students are assessed this fee to support the maintenance and processing of student records and verification of enrollment requests.

Tuition and Course Fees

All undergraduate students enrolled in 12-18 credit hours each semester shall be charged a flat rate of tuition in the amount of  $16,972  per semester or $33,944 annually. Undergraduate students enrolled in less than 12 credit hours per semester will be charged $1,018 per credit hour taken. Students who attempt 16 -18 credits and drop classes on or before census date may add second eight week courses without additional tuition charges, as long as they remain within the 18 credit maximum. Standard fees associated with additional courses will apply. Undergraduate students enrolled in more than 18 credit hours per semester will be charged an additional  $509 per credit hour taken—this charge is in addition to the flat rate charge.

Students enrolled in the Adult Degree Completion Program shall be charged based upon their specific major as ADP tuition rates vary. 

Additional charges may be assessed for all students enrolled in courses requiring field trips. Such field trips must be indicated in the course descriptions. Students enrolled in certain courses also may be assessed additional laboratory fees.

Each student is mailed a hard copy of their semester bill to their permanent home address that is on file in our system. To provide ample time to financially prepare for the semester, bills are mailed out 90 days prior to the semester and again at 60 days prior to the semester and are due 30 days prior to the start of the semester. Payments must be made with the University’s Student Business Services Office by the published deadlines for payments. Failure to meet published deadlines will result in non-registration for that term/session by the University.

Credit by Exam Fee

Students wishing to take course credit by examination will be billed $150 for each exam taken and $150 to post each grade to the student’s transcript.

Credit for Prior Learning

Students wishing to use credit acquired through prior learning experiences will be obligated to pay a $250 fee per topic.

Course Audits

Registration for course audits should occur at or before final registration. Students may change from credit to audit, or audit to credit, up to and including the 20th day of classes in a 16-week term and the 10th day of classes in an 8-week term by contacting the Office of the Registrar. Exams and papers assigned to students taking the course for credit do not apply to audit students; all other expectations are the same. A grade of audit (AU) will be assigned at the completion of the course. Fees for audited courses are as follows:

  • Courses taken as audit are inclusive of current tuition structure; fees are the same for credit or audit.
  • Students taking courses for audit that have lab fees associated with that course will be responsible for those lab fee charges.
  • Students taking more than one applied music course for credit or audit in a given semester will pay an applied music fee for each course taken.
  • Graduate students are not allowed to take regular undergraduate courses as audit, with the exception of music courses.

Applied Music Tuition

Applied music lessons include piano, organ, harpsichord, voice, band instruments, orchestral instruments, composition and/or improvisation. The University does not necessarily provide the use of an instrument for such lessons; however, a limited number of instruments are available.

The applied music tuition is charged to any student taking music lessons (MUSA courses) for either credit or no credit. Students may register for half-hour lessons (MUSA-2000 level numbered applied music courses) for either 0.5 credit or 0 credit. Music majors and advanced non-majors, by permission of the department chair, are placed by audition in MUSA-3000 applied music courses, which is 1.0 credit for an hour lesson. Lessons in composition are available only for credit.

Students pay the tuition rate for the amount of credit earned plus an applied music fee. Students are responsible to make contact with their applied music teacher within the first week of the semester. Students are expected to attend all lessons and show adequate progress to continue in applied music.  

Applied Music Fee

The applied music fee is charged to any student taking lessons as above. The applied music fee is $300 regardless of the amount of credit.

Course Add/Drop Policy

Face-to-face courses can be added to or dropped from a student schedule anytime during the first five days of the semester/term.  Online courses may not be added to a student schedule after the end of the first day of the term/semester without the approval of the division leader or dean.  All registration documentation must be accompanied by a student's official signature or must be done electronically via the student portal.

NOTE: Failure to attend class does not constitute an automatic withdrawal from the class after the 100% refund period. Graduate students MUST drop courses through their GPS advisor before any refund will be issued. Failure to drop classes will result in no refund and a grade of "F" on the student's transcript.

Dropping courses may result in a refund of tuition. A credit balance may be created if financial aid exceeds tuition charges. If a credit balance is reflected on the student’s tuition account a refund may be requested.

In order to receive a refund, students must fill out a Student Refund Form from the Business Services Office, or may obtain the form by logging on to CUConnect; click on the "Resource" tab and in the "Forms Repository," type "Student Refund Form," which will appear as a Word document. This form must be completed and signed in its entirety for it to be processed. The deadline for refunds to be processed is on Friday to receive it by the following Friday, as long as the funds are available. Forms received over the weekend or the following week will not be processed until the following Friday. In order to receive a refund, the student must submit the refund amount and the funds must actually be posted to the student's account creating a credit balance, which can be viewed on CUConnect. Any credit balance may be given in person by the Business Services Office, not over the phone or through an email. Also, no other office may provide credit balance amount to anyone other than the student for the student's protection and FERPA regulations of the University. It is the student’s responsibility to provide accurate information on the refund form. The University will not be held responsible for any inaccuracy on the refund form submitted. This includes the amount to be refunded, bank account information if direct deposited, and signature, as the refund will not be processed for that week.

Our department will contact the student if a signature is missing or if the amount is incorrect; however this will delay the refund disbursement as it is at no fault of the University. If the form is not submitted according to the policy and procedure above, there will not be any exceptions to expedite the refund. If the student account has a credit balance due to a parent plus loan, the parent must complete the refund form or we must have authorization from the parent to release the refund to the student.

Submitting of Refund Form:

Refunds are processed for fall, spring and summer semesters by request only. Students eligible for a refund must submit a refund form for each academic semester to request a refund.

  • Fax form to 708-488-4293. The date of the fax will be the date of receipt used for processing.
  • Mail refund form to the address below. The date of the postmark will be the date of receipt used for processing.

Attn: Business Services
Concordia University Chicago
7400 Augusta Street
River Forest, IL 60305-1499

  • Email refund form from your CUC email to refunds@cuchicago.edu
  • A delay may occur per our receipt of the refund form if it is not emailed from the student's CUC email account

Tuition Refund Policy

  • All fees are refundable at 100% when a course is dropped within the 100% refund period.
  • If course is dropped after the 100% refund period all fees are non-refundable.

Traditional Undergraduate Refund Policy

16-Week Courses

Refund Amount Through the. . .
100% End of the 1st week of class
75% 2nd week of class
50% 3rd week of class
25% 4th week of class
0% 10th week of class

8-Week Courses

Refund Amount Through the. . .
100% End of the 1st week of class
50% End of the 2nd week of class
0% 5th week of the class

ADP Refund Policy

8-Week Courses

Refund Amount Deadline
100% By end of 1st week of class
50% By end of 2nd week of class
0% After end of 2nd week of class

Checks for refunded tuition must be requested via a Student Refund Form and will be issued after the 0% refund date. Please be advised that this policy may be altered at any time. This policy, with exact dates of refund for the semesters in progress, can be found at CUChicago.edu and will be posted in the Student Business Services Office, Office of Financial Aid, the Graduate Office, and the Academic Advising Office.

NOTE : Failure to attend class does not constitute an automatic withdrawal from the class! Student's must drop courses through the Academic Advising Office before any refund will be issued. Failure to drop classes will result in no refund and a grade of "F" on the student's transcript.

As indicated in the Outstanding Balance section of this chapter, a student has one semester to appeal the tuition cost for a course to the office of the Dean of Students or college dean, respectively. Form for grade appeals can be found under Resources in CUConnect. Failure to follow the procedure of an appeal will result in your appeal not being reviewed and you will be assessed the charges accordingly.

Withdrawal from the University

Outstanding balances are due and payable in full upon withdrawing from Concordia University Chicago. (Note: See Collection Policy.)