2022-2023 Academic Catalog

Healthcare Management Program (HCMP)

HCMP-2000: Introduction to Health Care (3 hours)

Introduction the U.S. health care systems highlighting the role of values, access and allocation of health care services and resources, medical language and terminology.

HCMP-2005: Healthcare Careers (3 hours)

This course provides students with the opportunity to explore careers in the field of health care management and develop a personal professional career plan. This will be accomplished through self-assessment, career exploration and research, and employment strategies and planning. Replaces: HCMP-2015.

HCMP-2010: Health Care System: Issues/Trends (3 hours)

Exploration of issues and trends impacting U.S. health care systems: financing, regulation and compliance, quality of control and care, administrative and management as well as delivery services.

HCMP-2020: Introduction to Health Care Law (3 hours)

Students will gain an understanding of current health care laws and regulations, and learn how to apply them in various health care settings. Health Care Reform and the impact on the U.S. health care system and patient care will be covered. Additional topics will be examined such as medical ethics, contract negotiations, compliance, legislation, regulations, patient protection, medical proxy, liability and risk management.

HCMP-3000: Introduction to Health Care Marketing (3 hours)

Exploration of marketing trends and issues in the health care industry. Terminology, strategies, goals and objectives, planning and advertising, consumer-driven marketing agenda, application of technology for marketing, e.g., podcasts, websites, social networks for advertising, branding, name recognition, customer loyalty, etc.

HCMP-4010: Ethical Considerations in Health Care (3 hours)

Consideration of the various ethical issues and challenges experienced in the health care industry: medical ethics, access and delivery of medical services, patient rights, knowledge information and record-keeping practices, information sharing and communication.

HCMP-4700: Senior Project (4 hours)

The Senior Project is the Accelerated Degree Program capstone. This course is an intensive, process-oriented, active learning project through which students apply learning acquired through all major coursework. Designing and developing the Senior Project requires students to follow a problem from recognition to providing a well-researched solution or from the development of an opportunity to a well-researched action plan. Students are required to complete a comprehensive document and present their findings. Prerequisite: C or higher in OMP-4236.