2022-2023 Academic Catalog

MBA Entrepreneurship (MBAE)

MBAE-6255: New Venture Opportunity Scan (3 hours)

This course provides a systematic approach to analyze existing industries and global markets, searching for gaps and opportunities to transform existing industries and/or create new industries and/or markets. Students will evaluate opportunities on the bases of social and ethical concerns, customer desires and market trends, along with opportunities for increased global interconnectedness. Prerequisite: B or higher in MBAC-6250.

MBAE-6260: Pivots on the Problem/Customer Opportunity (3 hours)

This course provides an experiential application of skills and techniques to convert an identified macrolevel industry gap or market opportunity into a micro-level problem to be solved or customer desire to be fulfilled. This course explores various processes by which to test the depth of the problem pain or the magnitude of the customer desire to evaluate the revenue potential of entrepreneurial opportunities. Finally, this course will help students develop and evaluate an initial go-to-market hypothesis or strategy. Prerequisite: B or higher in MBAC-6250.

MBAE-6265: Prototyping/Co-Designing Solutions (3 hours)

This course provides an experiential application of prototyping concepts to evaluate new product and/or service opportunities. The course synthesizes learning gained from working with beta-test customers and/or vendors to design and rapidly prototype physical solutions to determine a final unique value proposition. Finally, this course will help students determine an optimal way to capitalize on an entrepreneurial opportunity. Prerequisite: B or higher in MIE-6001, MIE-6002 and MIE-6003, or department chair consent.

MBAE-6270: Business Plan for Entrepreneurial Opportunity (3 hours)

This course serves as the culminating experience for the MBA Entrepreneurship Specialization. This course will consist of designing, analyzing and proposing an entrepreneurial new venture business plan consisting of a detailed Year One operating plan and a three-to-five-year strategic plan. The course’s summative final assessment is a business plan competition which includes feedback from an outside panel of entrepreneurs, startup funding experts and/or industry experts relevant to the students’ new venture concepts. Prerequisite: B or higher in MBAC-6250 or MBAD-6105.