2022-2023 Academic Catalog

Theology (THY)

To correspond with the requirements of the theology programs, the course areas are indicated as follows:

(B) - Biblical Studies
(S) - Systematic Theology
(H) - Historical Theology
(CS) - Christian in Society
(RE) - Religious Education

THY-6020: Psalms (B-OT) (3 hours)

The hymnal of ancient Israel and its interpreters. Historical context, enduring liturgical and theological value.

THY-6030: Messianic Prophecies (B-OT) (3 hours)

The development of the Old Testament faith in the coming Messiah. Principles of interpretation and sources of alternate viewpoints. Detailed examination of selected prophecies.

THY-6100: The Parables of Jesus (B-NT) (3 hours)

The synoptic parables in their cultural context, their use in Jesus’ teaching, their interpretation and their application in contemporary Christian education.

THY-6110: New Testament and Early Christian Worship (B-NT, CS, H) (3 hours)

The New Testament in the light of the influence of early Christian worship on the form and content of the various writings.

THY-6120: The General Epistles (B-NT) (3 hours)

Study of theology and theological method found in the Catholic epistles including Hebrew; James; 1 & 2 Peter; 1, 2, & 3 John; and Jude, within the wider context of the history and the theology of the early church.

THY-6210: Lutheran Confessional Theology (S) (3 hours)

The study of the discipline of Systematic Theology with a special focus on the “Confessing” approach of the Lutheran tradition. Exploration of differing approaches to the task of theology along with the different approaches to Holy Scripture and the questions of faith and reason. Emphasis will be given to the formation and function of the three ecumenical creeds, the Augsburg Confession and its Apology, and the two catechisms of Luther.

THY-6240: The Church and its Ministry (S) (3 hours)

Examination of the nature of the Church and its Ministry with particular attention to its offices and their duties in relationship to the vocation of the Church and Christian service in the world.

THY-6313: Baptism and Eucharist (S, CS) (3 hours)

Study of the rites and practice of the sacraments of Baptism and Eucharist from a biblical, theological and liturgical perspective. Emphasis on the development of an appropriate parish practice for the goal of an enriched congregational life. Cross-Listed: MUS-6313.

THY-6320: Early Christian Fathers (H) (3 hours)

Theological and historical analysis of the doctrines and practices of select early Christians such as Ignatius of Antioch, Irenaeus and Tertullian.

THY-6330: Topics in the History of Christianity (H) (3 hours)

Selected persons, themes or problems in the history of Christianity.

THY-6350: Martin Luther (H, S) (3 hours)

Historical introduction to Luther as theologian, churchman and polemicist for 16th-century Evangelicalism. Enduring images of Luther inside and outside Protestantism. Luther’s significance to contemporary theology. Readings from primary sources.

THY-6353: Studies in Christian Worship: Theology and Music (CS, S) (3 hours)

Study of the interrelationship between theology and music as it has developed in Christian worship, thought and practice from the early church to the present. Cross-Listed: MUS-6353.

THY-6400: The Christian in Society (CS) (3 hours)

Christian vocation in contemporary, pluralistic culture. The role of faith, ethical decision-making and the life of service in the diverse social structures of the world and Church. Particular attention given to education and the helping professions. This course may not be taken to fulfill requirements in Section A, Theological Foundations or the Master of Arts in Religion program.

THY-6410: World Religions (3 hours)

Exploration into the nature of religion providing a survey of history, teaching, and practices of selected religious groups, with attention to ethnic and cultural features associated with major world religions.

THY-6420: Worship and Witness (3 hours)

The historical and theological foundations of worship and witness, the interconnection of worship and witness and the influences of sociological and cultural change.

THY-6500: Moral, Ethical and Spiritual Development of the Child (RE) (3 hours)

Development of spiritual formation and its relation to the life of the child. Principles and means involved in the process.

THY-6510: Foundations of Christian Education (3 hours)

Investigation of the theological and historical foundations of Christian education.

THY-6520: Spiritual Maturity and the Adult Life Cycle (3 hours)

A review of factors contributing to spiritual maturity during the adult life cycle.

THY-6600: Deaconess Foundations (H, CS) (3 hours)

The office of the Lutheran deaconess: history, call, roles and ethics. The history and structure of the LCMS, particularly in relationship to the deaconess. Field Trip: Required. Fee: Required.

THY-6620: Deaconess Capstone Seminar (CS) (3 hours)

Integration of theological knowledge, professional skills and competencies in deaconess ministry. Evaluation and analysis of the internship experience and preparation for the call into deaconess ministry. In-depth analysis of a deaconess ministry issue. Prerequisite: B or higher in THY-6991 or instructor consent.

THY-6630: Deaconess Field Experience (CS) (0 hours)

Beginning experience in the ministry of the Lutheran Deaconess. Minimum of 40 hours of supervised practicum in a congregation or agency. Participation in seminars to review students’ reports and discuss ministry issues. Offered Pass/Fail only. Transportation: Required. Fee: Required. Prerequisite: Acceptance into the Deaconess program and three THY courses.

THY-6641: Ministry to Women (CS) (3 hours)

Focus on spiritual caregiving, especially in dealing with issues faced by women. Practice in application of Law/Gospel, volunteer coordination and mercy ministries. Field Trip: Required. Fee: Required.

THY-6950: Independent Study in Theology (1-6 hours)

THY-6975: Applied Research in Theology (3 hours)

This 16-week culminating capstone highlights the candidate’s mastery of content throughout his or her studies and focuses it on a particular area of interest. The topic is chosen by the student and may be from any area of theology and/or practice. The mentor guides and directs the student through the process of research, writing and presentation.

THY-6990: Master’s Thesis (6 hours)

THY-6991: Internship: Deaconess (CS) (0 hours)

Relating classroom concepts to the practical ministry of the deaconess. Minimum of five months of full-time supervised practicum in a LCMS-sponsored congregation or agency. Fee: Required. Contact Deaconess Office for current rates. Prerequisite: Acceptance into the Deaconess program. Deaconess students normally complete two semesters of internship.