2021-2022 Academic Catalog

Leadership (LDR)

LDR-6010: The Pursuit of Leadership Excellence (3 hours)

Concepts, skills and strategies for the enhancement of personal and professional leadership. Fundamental leadership beliefs and assumptions; organizational performance and achievement. Personal mission and vision statements; team building skills to promote organizational change.

LDR-6020: Critical Issues in Leadership (3 hours)

Law, Ethics, Diversity, Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, Mediation, Social Justice. Examination and analysis of legal, political, and regulatory processes and issues: intellectual property law, contract liability, Internet security, negotiation, dispute resolution, conflict management and laws regarding electronic communication .

LDR-6950: Independent Study in Leadership (1-6 hours)

LDR-7000: Leadership Theories and Professional Practice (3 hours)

Contemporary and classical leadership theories and their application to a variety of professional settings; examine and assess organization’s leadership platform and practices. Doctoral level course.

LDR-7010: Developing the Organization’s Human Capital (3 hours)

In this course, students examine and explore human resources policies and practices; administrative supervision strategies and effective communication techniques; job performance, employee development and deployment, diverse work force, employment law, training and development, harassment and health issues, and disabilities and discrimination. Doctoral level course.

LDR-7020: Leading the Knowledge Enterprise (3 hours)

Leading the Knowledge Enterprise is a course that introduces students to the exciting and sometimes hard to define field of knowledge management. The role of the leader is emphasized, especially as it relates to identifying and leveraging the intellectual capital of an organization; promoting and facilitating knowledge sharing and innovation; intellectual assets, knowledge management strategy, knowledge management cycle and knowledge taxonomies. Doctoral level course.

LDR-7030: Promoting and Leading Change (3 hours)

Effective change leadership requires an understanding of the basic principles and practices underlying innovation, change processes and sustainability in organizations. The focus of LDR-7030 is initiating, implementing and ensuring continuation of change as a key leadership challenge. Various change theories and principles are examined with an emphasis on the leader’s role in capacity building, creativity, organizational strengths and style. Participants are encouraged to develop a more situated and experienced informed approach to change in the organizational front lines. Doctoral level course.

LDR-7040: Creating & Leading a Learning Organization (3 hours)

In this course, students explore and examine the five disciplines of learning organizations; characteristics of learning organizations, growth cycles, building capacity and sustainability. Doctoral level course.

LDR-7050: Strategic Forecasting and Planning (3 hours)

This course examines strategic planning models, forecasting methods, trend analysis, futuring, problem-based learning, return on investment, organizational health and effectiveness, cost/benefit analysis, and research and planning. Doctoral level course.