2024-2025 Academic Catalog

Management (MGT)

MGT-2001: Leadership Centered Management (3 hours)

This course provides students with the basic principles of management to build a foundation for leadership in an ever-changing and innovative business environment. It explores the principal concepts of management: leading (motivating, communicating and developing people), planning (setting goals and deciding activities), organizing (establishing activities and coordinating people) and controlling (establishing targets and measuring performance). The course presents management within the environmental context of innovation, globalization, ethics and social responsibility. It links leadership theory, strategic development and organizational application to current global business challenges. Students focus attention on the role of management and the application of a global management plan. Replaces: MGT-2000 and OMP-2000.

MGT-2011: Contemporary Business Law (3 hours)

This course surveys legal principles and issues concerning business. It explains the U.S. legal system and the legal environment of commerce and trade. The course details elements of contract law, the Uniform Commercial Code, administrative law and types of negotiable instruments. It also provides an overview of criminal law, tort law and constitutional law that affect business. It explores business ethics and corporate social responsibility applied to modern-day business problems. The course broadly addresses employment law and consumer protection. Replaces: MGT-2010 and CBUS-4040.

MGT-2022: Business Information Technology for the 21st Century (3 hours)

This course is an introduction to systems theory, development methods, management information systems, and using application software, the Internet, and peer-review journal databases for research and problem solving. Concepts of technology in organizations, information systems growth, and process improvement are introduced. Students will examine professional societies’ codes of conduct, and career opportunities. Replaces: OMP-4060 and MGT-2020.

MGT-2041: Leading Teams and Groups in a Global Environment (3 hours)

This course presents leadership as an influence relationship that involves the organization’s mission, vision and purpose. Business leaders need soft and hard skills used with integrity to shape culture and values, create change, and inspire and motivate teams particularly in a virtual environment. Principled team and group leadership qualities are developed intentionally to empower followers using human skills, communication [including communication using technology] skills, and teamwork. The course examines leadership theory applied to teams, and applies strategies, processes, and techniques to enable optimal interdependent and collaborative performance in a virtual and face-to-face environment. Replaces:OMP-4431.

MGT-3000: Business Writing (3 hours)

Covers principles and practices of written communication as applied to the business environment. Analyzes and evaluates business writing concepts and instruments and emphasizes writing effective business documents appropriate for their objects. Prerequisite: C or higher in ENG-1100.

MGT-3010: Advanced Business Law (3 hours)

Legal structure and operation of business organizations, including proprietorships, partnerships and corporations. Government regulations of business, employment law, agency, real and personal property. Sales and Secured Transaction under the Uniform Commercial Code. Prerequisite: C or higher in MGT-2011 or MGT-2010.

MGT-3031: Business Ethics in a Global Society (3 hours)

Unethical behavior and decisions impacts individuals, organizations, and society. In this course, students will focus upon the application of ethical theory to complex business situations, analysis of ethical and unethical business practices, evaluation of divergent views and their ethical impact on business and society, practicing ethical decision-making models, and building ethical sensitivity, and character to promote moral action in individuals and organizations. Replaces: MGT-3030 and OMP-4610. Prerequisite: C or better in MGT-2001.

MGT-3200: Business Communication (3 hours)

An advanced course to develop written and oral communication skills as they apply in the world of business. Prerequisite: C or better in COM-1100. Cross-listed with COM-3200.

MGT-3320: Sports and Contract Law (3 hours)

Explores how various areas of law impact the sports industry. Emphasizes the foundation principles that drive the outcomes of most legal disputes in the industry: contract law, labor law, tax law, product liability law and intellectual property law. Replaces: SRMP-2010. Prerequisite: C or higher in MGT-2011. This course can fulfill the SMB-3500 course requirement.

MGT-4000: Global Business Strategy (3 hours)

Explores how to build lasting success in a changing global marketplace and introduces concepts and frameworks used to understand the relevance, challenge and management of global integration in growing companies. Covers international leadership and motivation.

MGT-4010: Small Business Management (3 hours)

The challenges and opportunities of managing a new business enterprise. The creation and development of a business plan. Prerequisite: C or better in MGT-2001 and ACC-2101.

MGT-4030: Human Resource Management (3 hours)

Management's responsibilities regarding the recruitment, selection, hiring, development, promotion and separation of employees. Replaces: OMP-4440. Prerequisite: C or higher in MGT-2001.

MGT-4040: Organizational Behavior (3 hours)

Examines the theories, practices, and processes of management and organizational behavior. Emphasizes applications of theory to practice and learning from experiential activities. Prerequisite: C or higher in MGT-2001.

MGT-4061: Strategic Decision Making for Global Leaders (3 hours)

A capstone course that critically examines significant management issues facing strategic policy makers. Development and implementation of major strategic responses in a global environment. Recommended senior standing. Replaces: MGT-4060. Fee: Required.

MGT-4100: Operations and Project Management (3 hours)

Business processes, procedures and strategies used to transform various inputs into finished goods, services and products. Project planning and management, interpersonal and communication skills are exercised in the analysis, design and implementation of a significant management project. Replaces: CBUS-4030 . Prerequisite: MGT-2001.

MGT-4220: Money, Banks & Financial Institutions (3 hours)

Creation of money, function and roles of financial institutions, fiscal and monetary policy, Federal Reserve System. Cross-Listed: ECO-4220. Prerequisite: C or higher in ACC-2000 or ACC-2001.

MGT-4300: Field Study in International and Global Business Strategy (3 hours)

International business environment, strategy formulation, global implementation and governance. Emphasis on business ethics and cultural understanding. Course requires travel abroad for a two-week field study. The global project pairs student’s teams with international companies where they will develop and present strategic plans and responses to real global company problems. Fees for the travel abroad portion are in excess of the tuition fee. Two-week travel occurs immediately after spring semester.

MGT-4510: Personal & Institutional Finance in Not-for-Profit Enterprise or Church (3 hours)

Why individuals make charitable gifts. Compensation of the not-for-profit executive director and management team. Financial management of the organization including cash flow, strategic planning, business development plans, capital budgeting and yearly operating budgets. Understanding the yearly audit, financial accountability and governmental reporting.

MGT-4520: Board Governance and Management of Volunteers (3 hours)

Emphasizes importance of volunteers to a not-for-profit organization. How to develop and maintain an organizational governance structure that promotes effectiveness and sustainability and formation of a program needs analysis and evaluation.

MGT-4530: Law, Policies & Government Relations for Not-for-Profits (3 hours)

Focuses on the application of law to the not-for-profit industry, including creation of not-for-profit organizations, management structure, government oversight and tax law requirements .

MGT-4540: Grants & Contract Management & Development (3 hours)

Introduces the student to the fields of grant writing and grant making with either hands-on actual or hypothetical grant writing experiences. Emphasizes research, accuracy and writing skills to engage donors and philanthropic organizations.

MGT-4910: Special Topics: Management (3 hours)

An in-depth study of a topic relevant to a current topic in the discipline or a topic of interest that is not addressed in other departmental courses. The course may be repeated for credit so long as the topic is different.

MGT-4950: Independent Study in Management (1-3 hours)