2021-2022 Academic Catalog

Accelerated Degree General Education

The BS - Kinesiology major will follow the General Education Requirements listed below for the 21/22 catalog year.


The curriculum consists of general education requirements, mission-specific courses, the major and elective credits to total a minimum of 128 semester hours for the degree. Only one major course is taken at a time and each student progresses through the major courses with the same group, called a cohort. Courses in the major may not be taken as Pass/Fail courses.

General Education Core (37-38 hours)

Communication (9 hours)

  • ENG-1100 English Composition
  • ENG-2000 Writing About Literature
  • COM-1100 Speech Communication

Mathematics (3 hours)

  • A course above Intermediate Algebra OR MAT 1550

Humanities (9 hours)

  • A course in History (HIS), Literature (ENG) or Philosophy (PHI) or an interdisciplinary course include these areas  HIS, ENG, PHI.
  • A course in Performing, Visual Arts or Media Arts or an interdisciplinary course including these areas ART, MUS, THR, and COM 2200, COM 2500, and COM 2850.
  • An additional humanities course

Natural Sciences (7-8 hours) At least one course must be a lab course

  • One course in Biology BIO or an interdisciplinary science course
  • One course in Physics, Chemistry, Earth Science PHY, CHE, EAS or an interdisciplinary science course

Social and Behavioral Sciences (9 hours)

  • Choose three courses (9 hours) from the following areas:
    • Anthropology ATH
    • ECO-3300  Foundations of Economics
    • Human Geography (GEO)
    • Political Science (POS)
    • Psychology (PSY)
    • Sociology (SOC)
    • WGS 2100 Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies
    • Interdisciplinary course including these areas

Mission Specific: Theology (6 hours)

  • CTHY-4000 Readings in Redemptive History   STAYING FOR 21/22 year
  • CTHY-4030 The Christian Faith                          STAYING FOR 21/22 year

Program Support (5 hours)

  • Health and Wellness PES-1010 Fitness and Wellness
  • One approved Global Studies course (This course may double count): 
  • ART-2200 Non-Western Art
  • ASL-1100  American Sign Language
  • ATH-2020 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
  • COM-2500 Global Documentary
  • ENG-2200 Non-Western Literature
  • ENG-2220 U.S. Latina/o Literature
  • ENG-2400 African-American Literature
  • GEO-1200 World Geography: Cultural Patterns
  • GEO-1300 The Developing World
  • HIS-1315 Survey of World History to 1350
  • HIS-1325 Survey of World History since 1350
  • IDS-1100 Intro to Global Cultural Studies
  • MUS-2243 Music of World Cultures
  • POS-2300 International Relations
  • POS-2350 Comparative Politics
  • Any Foreign Language Course