2022-2023 Academic Catalog

Political Science (POS)

POS-1100: American Government and Politics (3 hours)

An introduction to the American political system surveying politics and the democratic process, basic principles of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, the Illinois Constitution, the national policymaking institutions of the United States, and relevant current political events.

POS-2200: Social and Political Philosophy (3 hours)

Central problems of social and political thought, with emphasis on political and social ideals such as justice, equality, the law, the basis of authority, rights and obligations. Cross-Listed: PHI-2310. Prerequisite: C or higher in PHI-2010 or PHI-2110.

POS-2300: International Relations (3 hours)

A course to introduce and evaluate differing U.S. foreign policy responses in the international arena with opportunities existing for students to participate in role-playing foreign policy decision-making. Major international relations, theories of realism, liberalism and constructivism are learned and applied to contemporary foreign policy decisions.

POS-2310: Human Security (3 hours)

An introduction to the field of Human Security, focusing on the security of individuals within one’s country and the international community with regard to topics such as economics, food, health, environmental, personal, community or political security. Cross-Listed: CRJ-2310.

POS-2320: International Conflict Resolution (3 hours)

An introduction that surveys major issues of international conflict management including mediation, conflict prevention, implementation of peace agreements, peace enforcement, humanitarian intervention and refugee crisis management. The course combines theories of conflict resolution and international relations with case studies of current conflict and post conflict societies.

POS-2330: International Humanitarian Law (3 hours)

Introduction to the basic rules and principles of humanitarian law. Through the use of case studies, role playing and individualized academic research, the course will build on students’ own perspectives and experiences. The destructiveness of war, and developing perspectives on the need for rules to protect human dignity during war and armed conflicts will be addressed.

POS-2340: International Security (3 hours)

A broad view of security by analyzing security risks across countries and within their borders by considering topics such as: state and non-state threats, military, environmental, accidental, economic, health, social, criminal and natural threats to security among others. Cross listed: CRJ-2340.

POS-2350: Introduction to Comparative Politics (3 hours)

Comparative analysis of values, structures and processes of selected foreign political systems, noting similarities to and differences from those of the United States. Although the countries covered will vary somewhat based on current events, political systems in Britain, Japan, Russia, China, India and Iran will be addressed as well as other African and Asian countries.

POS-2400: Criminal Justice (3 hours)

The processes, institutions and administration of criminal justice in the United States, focusing on the police, courts and corrections. Cross listed: CRJ-2400.

POS-2410: American Legal Process (3 hours)

The structure and functions of American civil and criminal court systems at both the national and state levels. Roles of court personnel will be examined as well as basic rules of pre-trial, trial and post-trial procedure. Cross listed: CRJ-2410.

POS-3120: Political Parties & Elections (3 hours)

Introduction to history and structure of the American party system. American political parties and ideologies will be compared. The U.S. electoral system: primary elections, nominations, conventions and the general election.

POS-3310: American Foreign Policy (3 hours)

Examination of the substance of American foreign policy, with attention to issues such as presidential management of foreign affairs, international crises and U.S. policy toward selected regions of the world.

POS-3415: Substantive Criminal Law (3 hours)

This course examines the legal elements of individual crimes and the fundamental elements of a criminal act, intent, conspiracy, defenses and liability. Cross listed: CRJ-3415.

POS-3425: Procedural Criminal Law (3 hours)

By reviewing court decisions, the course considers the changing interpretations of the Constitution by the courts regarding fundamental issues of police procedure including arrests, searches, seizures of property, confessions, right to counsel and related matters. Cross listed: CRJ-3425.

POS-4115: The American Presidency (3 hours)

An examination of the office of the United States presidency and the various roles of the person who occupies it. Attention will be given to current issues regarding the president.

POS-4160: U.S. Congress (3 hours)

This course examines the characteristics, role and processes of the U.S. Congress.

POS-4210: Classical and Medieval Political Theory (3 hours)

An analysis of the major political theories of the classical and medieval periods. Includes works by Plato, Aristotle, the Roman Legalists, Augustine, Aquinas and Machiavelli. Cross listed: PHI-4040.

POS-4220: Modern Political Theory (3 hours)

A comparative look into 20th-century philosophies and ideologies including liberalism, conservatism, nationalism, capitalism, socialism, communism, fascism, Nazism and the latter century theories. Cross listed: PHI-4050.

POS-4350: Global Terrorism (3 hours)

Addresses topics fundamental to the traditional study of terrorism including definitions, frequency, causes and policy responses to terrorism. Cross listed: CRJ-4350.

POS-4420: Constitutional Law: Powers of Government (3 hours)

By reviewing court decisions, the course considers constitutional issues related to federalism, separation of powers, and both the express and implied powers of the three branches of the national government and how that government interacts with the states.

POS-4430: Constitutional Law of Civil Liberties (3 hours)

By reviewing court decisions, the course considers the changing interpretations of the Constitution by the courts regarding the fundamental rights such as freedom of speech and the press. Particular focus on the religious establishment clause and the free exercise clause of the First Amendment.

POS-4440: Constitutional Law of Civil Rights (3 hours)

By reviewing court decisions, the course considers the changing interpretations of the Constitution by the courts regarding fundamental issues of federalism and political power. Attention is focused on civil rights laws and issues.

POS-4910: Topics/Readings in Political Science (3 hours)

An in-depth study of a topic relevant to a current in the discipline or a topic of interest not addressed in other departmental courses. The content of the seminar will vary. A required course of all Political Science majors; non-majors admitted only with instructor approval. The course may be repeated for credit under different topics.

POS-4950: Independent Study (1-6 hours)

POS-4990: Internship in Political Science (6 hours)

A supervised practice within an agency or organization, providing students with an applied political experience. Prerequisite: Junior or Senior standing.