2022-2023 Academic Catalog

Interdisciplinary Core (IDS)

IDS-1010: US Higher Education in Chicago (3 hours)

Orients students to U.S. higher education. Facilitates international students’ adjustment to the culture of learning at CUC by offering intensive reading and writing skills that will prepare them for the courses they will encounter. A similar course has been built for graduate students.

IDS-1050: Intro to American Cultural Studies (3 hours)

Investigates the different methods and perspectives of cultural studies within an American context. The course explores philosophical approaches dynamic American identities, institutions and communities through history, literature, media and discourse. Topics include food and culture, popular culture, critical race theory, cultural politics, power and violence.

IDS-1100: Introduction to Global Cultural Studies (3 hours)

Explores the interconnectedness of cultures and societies geographically removed from one another. The course will investigate a range of topics including: global poverty, war and militarized conflict, global youth culture, media and technology, sustainability, and human rights.

IDS-1200: Engaging Diversity: U.S. Perspectives (3 hours)

The purpose of this course is to analyze how power operates through policies, systems and structures; and develop a historical context for understanding oppression, privilege, power, resistance and social change.

IDS-1300: Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies (3 hours)

This introductory class teaches students to think critically, creatively and compassionately as global and locally minded citizens by understanding the complex social, economic, political and philosophical issues involved in our world today. This cross disciplinary examination of the causes and remedies of conflict addresses the mastery of theories, concepts, methods, frameworks and findings that peace and conflict scholars and practitioners utilize in addressing violence, and conflict in general.

IDS-4900: Resrch /Prac Peace & Cnfct Stu (3 hours)

This course provides structured assignments and writings to help students as they produce their required individual capstone projects for the Peace and Conflict Studies Minor. Students will their courses of study, attend events on campus and in the community, partake in volunteer/service experience, and interview practitioners in the field. Prerequisites: C or higher in IDS-1300 and instructor consent.

IDS-4950: Independent Study in Interdisciplinary (1-6 hours)