2024-2025 Academic Catalog

Comprehensive Exam (Doc) (COMP)

COMP-7000: Comprehensive Examination (0 hours)

The comprehensive exam is a written exam in two parts that is administered in Blackboard. The purpose of the exam is to evaluate a) the content knowledge and students’ ability to apply that knowledge to address a problem in the field, and b) students' ability to formulate a scholarly argument based on a literature review on a topic of students' choice. Successful completion of the comprehensive exam is a major step that leads to admission to doctoral candidacy in the Concordia University Chicago doctoral programs. Prerequisite: B or higher in RES-7900. Pass/Fail only.

COMP-7100: Comprehensive Exam (3 hours)

Written comprehensive exam questions to be completed by students in a set period of time, assessed by reviewers, and revised by students if first attempt was not proficient in all areas. Students who do not pass their comprehensive exam initially or upon revision cannot progress to the dissertation courses and will be required to take the Remediation Course (HHP-7910) prior to re-taking COMP-7100. Prerequisite: B or higher in HHP-7100. Pass/Fail only.