2022-2023 Academic Catalog

Higher Education Leadership (HLDR)

HLDR-6800: Law and Higher Education (3 hours)

This course addresses the legal environment of postsecondary institutions and specific issues that affect higher education. In addition to faculty and administrative structuring, curriculum development and institutional financing, a university’s policy is affected by legal concerns, including constitutional privileges, ethics and regulations that may be relevant in regard to state and local municipalities. Students enrolled in this course will participate in research and weekly discussions evaluating the significance and importance of the limitations and allowances of government-defined operating and monetary restrictions on academic institutions.

HLDR-6810: Institutional Advancement and Development in Higher Education (3 hours)

This course examines the role of Institutional Advancement in supporting the mission and vision of the higher education institution through the development of external funds, relationships with alumni and other external constituencies, and communications support and public visibility.

HLDR-6820: Historical and Societal Issues in Higher Education (3 hours)

This course addresses the major social issues affected by higher education, specific issues and trends, dominant themes of historical and institutional impact. Students enrolled in this course will acquire an improved understanding of previous events of the significance of higher education, including how it has developed and increased in importance to society.

HLDR-6830: Governance and Leadership in Higher Education (3 hours)

This course includes the theoretical perspectives on higher education organizations, the organizational structure, management and leadership of colleges and universities, and governance systems. Learners enrolled in this course will become familiar with the purpose of institutional governance, its various functions, administrative models and the factors utilized to define its strategies.

HLDR-6840: Fiscal and Social Responsibility in Higher Education (3 hours)

This course addresses the major financial and economic issues experienced within higher education including fiscal awareness, social responsibility and stewardship. Learners will be able to understand the primary concerns involved with budgeting, ethics and management within the higher education landscape, applying theories and principles to maintaining a functioning and sustainable institution. Learners will be exposed to the economic, political and organizational cultural factors that affect the allocation of monetary resources within the higher education organization.

HLDR-6950: Independent Study in Higher Education Leadership (1-6 hours)