2022-2023 Academic Catalog

Alumni Association

Phone: 888-258-6773 or 708-488-4373
Email: alumni@CUChicago.edu
Location: CUC Foundation – First Floor, Krentz Center
Website: www.CUChicago.edu/Alumni

Concordia University Chicago’s Alumni Association was established by the Class of 1914 to encourage alumni connections as well as to support the school’s ministry. More than 100 years later our alumni program continues this mission of its more than 43,000 graduates.

Every individual that has attended Concordia University Chicago is considered a member of the Alumni Association. The Office of Alumni Relations in partnership with the Alumni Association Board of Directors and its volunteers serve current and former students through programs and benefits that communicate, collaborate and celebrate.

Communicate: University Mission & Vision - We are each part of the CUC story with all generations of alumni. Students want   to know about the success of those before. Graduates want to hear about current Cougars. We continually share these connections in person, in print and online.

Collaborate: Service & Giving Opportunities - Members of CUC’s Alumni Association share their time, talents and treasures to grow our alma mater. Students benefit through these contributions of service and gifts. A growing calendar of events and opportunities enable students to directly connect with graduates to strengthen their personal and professional networks.

Celebrate: On Campus & Beyond - Commencement Weekend is our biggest celebration of the year! But, the opportunities do not end at graduation. Each year thousands of Cougars gather on campus and across the country to celebrate the world that opened at Concordia University Chicago. We look forward to celebrating with you, too!

To get involved contact the Office of Alumni Relations at 888-258-6773 or alumni@CUChicago.edu for more information.