2021-2022 Academic Catalog

Management (MGT)

MGT-6110: Competitive Strategy (3 hours)

MGT-6200: Global Mgmnt & Org. Behavior (3 hours)

MGT-6300: Corporate Finance (3 hours)

MGT-6310: Investments (3 hours)

MGT-6320: Entrprn Finance/Private Equity (3 hours)

MGT-6400: Ethical Strategic Leadership (3 hours)

MGT-6510: Management of Human Resources (3 hours)

MGT-6520: Managers & Legal Environment (3 hours)

MGT-6530: Introduction to Not‐for‐Profit Organizations (3 hours)

Not‐for‐profit organizations and the environment they operate in. A profile of the industry and an introduction to a not‐for‐profit’s organizational purpose, governance and funding structures. Emphasis on ethics and social‐economic issues and the difficult task of transforming an organization’s purpose into action. A service learning project will incorporate theories into real‐world applications. Cross-Listed: GME-6310.

MGT-6540: Topics:Bd Govrn & Mgt Voluntrs (3 hours)

MGT-6550: Bus Comm. & Org Behavior (3 hours)

MGT-6600: Sem Descriptive Statistics (1 hour)

MGT-6990: Cases in Financial Analysis (3 hours)