2024-2025 Academic Catalog

MBA Cybersecurity Governance (MBAJ)

MBAJ-6780: Introduction to Information Security (3 hours)

Ensuring that data and information are secure is a complex process. In this introductory course, students will learn about the various components that encompass information security including cyber security threats, counter-attack, and defense services. Students will explore the multiple levels of security in a variety of technologies and applications spaces. Dominican IM 780.

MBAJ-6783: Organizational Information Security (3 hours)

Most organizations exist in a network environment in which data is collected, maintained and shared. This course focuses on an enterprise view of information and data security issues facing various organizations including government/public, private, business, non-profit, education, health, and others. This course will explore managing cybersecurity technologies and developing proactive defenses within the contexts of specific organizations. Dominican IM 783.

MBAJ-6785: Information Privacy (3 hours)

Data privacy law in the US is piecemeal; a number of different laws regulate the dissemination of information to third parties. Some laws govern information about children, some about health information, some about financial records, and some about personally identifying information. These laws are enacted in organizational policies and encoded in software. This course will examine the legal, social, and policy issues surrounding information privacy. Dominican IM 785.

MBAJ-6787: Cybersecurity Governance (3 hours)

Organizations need to secure their information from persistent, global threats. Effective information security at the organizational level requires participation, planning, and practice. It is an ongoing effort that requires management and staff to work together. This course will provide students with the skills and knowledge to facilitate innovative cybersecurity governance, leadership, and management to develop information security strategies that support the organizational goals and objectives that are aligned with applicable legal and regulatory requirements, that are ethical and sustainable, and that are implemented through policies and internal controls by providing oversight for risks mitigation. Dominican IM 787.