2022-2023 Academic Catalog

Student Business Services

Phone: 708-209-3241 / 708-488-4293
Email: Student.accounts@cuchicago.edu
Location: AD 156
Website: https://www.cuchicago.edu/admission-financial-aid/undergraduate/student-business-services/

Concordia University Chicago accepts all fees with the understanding that the student, by being assessed such fees, agrees to abide by all the regulations of the University, whether printed in this catalog or not, and by any appropriate decisions of the administration or faculty regarding the student’s status in the University. Although the University exercises reasonable precautions, it can assume no responsibility for accidents to students that may occur, incident to, by attendance at, or participation in classroom or laboratory work, intramural activities or other University programs and activities. Also, the University does not accept responsibility for any personal property lost, stolen, damaged or misplaced.

During the period of this catalog issue, the University will make every effort to maintain the fees listed. However, rising costs may necessitate an interim increase in fees. Concordia University Chicago reserves the right to change its tuition and fee rates and policies with no advance notice. Any such changes shall only apply on a prospective basis.

Students shall pay all assessments by the published deadlines for payment, approximately 30 days before the beginning of each semester. Students wishing to register after the published deadline date for a given semester will be required to make payments before registrations are permitted. Only federal or state financial aid for the term that is confirmed by the Office of Financial Aid may be excluded from these requirements. Sources of funds not eligible for deferred tuition payments include income through student employment and tuition reimbursement by employer or other sources.

Returned Checks

A fee of $36 will be assessed to the student’s tuition account for any check returned unpaid. If a second check is returned unpaid, a $50 fee will be assessed, and for a third check that is returned unpaid a $75 fee will be assessed and no further checks will be accepted on the student’s tuition account. Payment for any returned check must be made by certified funds (cash, cashier’s check or money order). A fee of $36 will be assessed to the student’s tuition account for any online check payment that is returned unpaid.

Method of Payment

Payments may be made in person, over the telephone or online. Payments made in person may be made via cash, money order, personal check or credit card. Payments made over the telephone must be made via credit card. All such credit card payments taken over the telephone shall be subject to a 2.85 percent convenience fee to be added to the total amount of the payment.

Payments mailed directly to the University must be in the form of personal check or money order.

Payments made online must be in the form of either a bank account (ACH) transaction or credit card.

Online payments can be made by logging into CUConnect:

  • Select the “Billing/Financial Aid tab”
  • Go to the “Tuition Payment Information” Portlet
  • Select your preferred payment method under “Bill Payment Methods”.

Online credit card payments are subject to a 2.85 percent convenience fee. Online payments made via ACH shall not incur any additional charges. All fees, whether paid by a person or an organization, shall be paid in United States dollars.

Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card will be accepted for any payments, whether in person, over the telephone or online.

Students With Outstanding Balances

Students with outstanding balances will be placed on “hold” status and will be prohibited from registering for courses until that “hold” status is released. Students with “hold” status due to outstanding balances also will not be allowed to participate in commencement ceremonies and are not entitled to receive a diploma, transcripts, credentials or other possible University-provided verifications until the balance is paid in full with guaranteed funds and verified by the Director of Student Business Services. Any account with an outstanding balance will incur a 1.5 percent or minimum of $25 service charge each month on the account until paid in full.

Email is the University’s primary source of communication. A billing statement will be uploaded to the student's online account.  A notification will be sent to the student's CUC email to inform the student to view the billing statement.

Concordia University Chicago retains the right to drop a student’s classes at any time in the event the student fails to meet payment deadlines.

Collection Policy

If an outstanding balance remains on the student account after a term has ended, the student is no longer an enrolled student. At this point, the student is considered to be a collection account. Any efforts to collect the unpaid balance to Concordia University Chicago that are made by a third-party source are the student’s responsibility. Such costs include, but are not limited to, fees from the outside collection agencies, attorney fees, court costs, service charges, etc. The student is to also understand that these are additional costs at a maximum of 39 percent of the debt to the tuition and fees due to the University. This policy is governed by the laws of Illinois.

Please note: Concordia University Chicago retains the right to drop a student’s classes at any time in the event the student fails to meet payment deadlines.


Contact Concordia University Chicago’s Office of Graduate Admission and Student Services for availability and pricing of all graduate programs. Payments must be made to the Concordia University Chicago Student Business Services Office by the published deadlines for payments. Failure to meet published deadlines may result in non-registration for that term/session or in future terms/sessions.

Deficiency Tuition Rates

Any graduate student who is pursuing the Master of Arts in Teaching at Concordia University Chicago and wishes to register for an undergraduate course to satisfy a deficiency must notify the Office of the Registrar at time of registration. Failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of deficiency tuition rates.

Applied Music Tuition

Applied music lessons include piano, organ, harpsichord, voice, band instruments, orchestral instruments, composition and/or improvisation. The University does not provide the use of an instrument for such lessons; however, a limited number of instruments are available.

The applied music tuition is charged to any student taking music lessons (MUSA courses) for either credit or audit. These courses are available for one-half credit (summer only) or for one or two credits during an academic term. Thirteen half-hour lessons per semester equal one hour of credit (not for graduate). Students pay the tuition rate for credit, plus an applied music fee. The tuition refund policy also applies to applied music tuition. For more information, please see the Undergraduate Catalog.

Students are responsible to make contact with their applied music teacher within the first week of the semester.

Applied Music Fee

The applied music fee is charged to any student taking lessons as stated above. The fee for one credit hour is $135.  The exception here are the two courses listed below.  The fee for each of these courses is $270 for one credit hour.

Refund Policy

Students with credit balances must submit a Student Refund Form to the Student Business Services Office in order to receive a refund of the credit balance.

Once the applicable tuition and fees as well as financial aid has posted to your account, it is possible to have a credit balance. This can be recognized by reviewing your student tuition account online. If you find a negative sign (-) in front of the balance, you have a credit that can be refunded to you. You have two options:

OPTION 1: Use your credit toward a book voucher at the CUC bookstore. The amount spent at the bookstore is posted to your account as a charge that will reduce your account credit.

Please Note: There may be other expenses that are assessed to your account AFTER the initial disbursement of your financial aid, e.g., bookstore voucher purchases, phone bills, parking tickets, additional tuition, or financial aid reductions due to a class drop, etc. These expenses, if applicable, can reduce your credit balance.

OPTION 2: Request a refund for the credit balance available. The student refund form can be obtained online by signing onto Concordia Connect, clicking on the Resource tab and typing 'student refund form' in the forms repository.  Students should complete this form in its entirety and sign for it to be processed. The deadline for refunds to be processed is on Friday to receive it by the following Friday, as long as the funds are available.

The fully completed and signed refund should be submitted to Student Business Services per one of the two options below.

  1. Email the refund form to refunds@cuchicago.edu. You must email the form from your CUC assigned student email account to avoid any delay in our receipt of your form.
  2. Fax the refund form to 708.488.4293.

Forms received over the weekend or the following week will not be processed until the following Friday. In order to receive a refund, your student account must have a credit balance, which can be viewed by logging into your account via CUConnect. A credit balance may be shared in person by the Student Business Services Office but not over the phone nor through email. No other office may provide a credit balance amount to a student for his/her protection and in accordance with FERPA regulations of the University.

It is the student’s responsibility to provide accurate information on the refund form. The University will not take responsibility for any inaccuracy on the refund form submitted. This includes the amount to be refunded, bank account information if direct deposited, and signature, as the refund will not be processed.

The Student Business Services Office will contact you if a signature is missing or if the amount is incorrect, however this will delay your refund disbursement as it is at no fault of the University. If your refund form is not submitted according to the policy and procedure above, there will not be any exceptions to expedite the refund. If the student account has a credit balance due to a parent plus loan, the parent must complete the refund form or we must have authorization from the parent to release the refund to the student.

Tuition Refund Policy

  • All fees are refundable at 100 percent when the course is dropped within the 100 percent refund period.
  • If a course is dropped during any other refund period, all fees are non-refundable.

16-Week Courses

Last day to. . . End of. . .
Drop a class with a 100% refund Week 2
Drop a class with a 67% refund Week 3
Withdraw a class with no refund and a grade of W Week 10

11-Week Courses

Last day to. . . End of. . .
Drop a class with 100% refund Week 2
Drop a class with a 67% refund Week 3
Withdraw a class with no refund and a grade of W Week 5

8-Week Courses (First or Second Half of Term)

Last day to. . . End of. . .
Drop a class with a 100% refund Week 2
Drop a class with a 67% refund Week 3
Withdraw a class with no refund and a grade of W Week 5

The refund policy for other parts-of-term can be found in the Academic Calendar.  The refund policy for graduate cohort students can be found at: https://gradschool.cuchicago.edu/admission-financial-aid/tuition-billing-payment/graduate-refund-policies. Please be advised that this policy may be altered at any time and will be posted in the Student Business Services Office.

Note: Failure to attend class does not constitute an automatic withdrawal from the class after the 100% refund period! Students MUST drop courses through the GPS advisor before any refund will be issued. Failure to drop classes will result in no refund and a grade of "F" on the student's transcript.

Withdrawal From the University

Outstanding balances are due in full upon withdrawing from Concordia University Chicago.

Withdrawals and Appeals for Tuition and Fees

Students applying for the graduate program sign a registration form acknowledging that they will be registered and charged for courses in the specified term and assigned to a cohort, after which a bill is uploaded to the student's CUC online account. Payment reminders are emailed to the CUC email address assigned to each student. Students that are out of compliance with the payment schedule receive email notices in regard to their account status and are service charged according to University policy. After the term has ended and a student account still has an outstanding balance on the account, a process begins of “in-house collection.” With this process, the student will receive three (3) written notices in regard to action being taken. After the final collection notice is mailed, the student has 10 days to respond. If no response is received, the student’s account will be placed with a third party for collections.

  • Withdrawals: Failure to attend class after the 100% refund period does not constitute an automatic withdrawal from the course. Graduate students MUST drop courses via their GPS advisor after the 100% refund period. Failure to drop a course will result in no refund and a grade of "F" on the student's transcript after the 100% refund period.

All appeals are to be directed to the Assistant Vice President for Student Services via the student's GPS advisor.  The student has the right to appeal the charges, fees and grades.  The appeal must provide information that a decision can be based on granting or denying the appeal.  Supporting documentation that would assist with the appeal must be provided with the letter of appeal. Each appeal is reviewed on an individual basis. The maximum discount that would be given on an appeal after the semester the student was registered for will be 67 percent unless it can be shown that the charge was erroneous. This means that the student will be responsible for 33 percent of the tuition and 100 percent of all fees incurred. If there is cause to believe institutional error is the reason for the appeal, the student must provide supporting documentation of proof. This would include a copy and confirmation of a faxed drop form, emails, etc. Please be advised there is no guarantee the appeal will be granted.

Please note: To appeal charges for tuition or a grade, the student has one semester to write a letter of appeal to the Office of Graduate Admission and Student Services via the student's GPS advisor. If the appeal is not made within that time period, the appeal will not be reviewed. Students should contact their GPS advisor for guidance regarding the grade appeal process