2021-2022 Academic Catalog

Finance (FIN)

FIN-4200: Finance (3 hours)

Financial analysis, working capital management, capital budgeting and capital markets. Prerequisite: C or higher in ACC-2101.

FIN-4260: Individual Finance (3 hours)

Focuses on finance principles and problems for individuals. This course provides a basic understanding of the concepts of managing finances, inflation and recession, tax problems, insurance, credit, budgeting, financial planning, home ownership, bank accounts, investments, and social insurance programs.

FIN-4270: Investments and Risk Management (3 hours)

Focuses on investment principles and problems with the goal of developing student perception of risks and opportunities in investment instruments, equity, fixed income and derivatives, and the markets in which they function.

FIN-4280: Corporate Finance and Capital Budgeting (3 hours)

This course provides a theoretical framework for understanding and analyzing major financial problems of modern companies in a market environment by covering models of evaluation of corporate capital, including pricing models for primary financial assets, real assets valuation and investment projects analysis and capital structure. Students will learn how to evaluate different management decisions and their influence on corporate performance and value. Prerequisite: C or higher in MGT-4200.

FIN-4290: International Finance (3 hours)

Focuses on understanding the effect of political and economic factors on the financial decision-making of the firm by analyzing factors that influence currency valuation, analysis and management of risk in international operations. The course will provide students with the opportunity to acquire knowledge of the international finance system and its major players and stakeholders. Replaces: FIN-4200. Prerequisites C or higher in MGT-4200.

FIN-4950: Independent Study in Finance (1-6 hours)