2023-2024 Academic Catalog

CULearn Academic Resources

Academic Support 

Phone: 708-209-3462
Email: academic.support@CUChicago.edu
Location: CULearn, Christopher Center 248
Website: https://www.cuchicago.edu/academics/academic-resources/

Through CULearn Academic Support, CUC students can receive private, course-specific, one-on-one or group training from qualified student instructors through our peer tutoring program. Tutors can help with content mastery for dozens of subjects and courses as well as help students with academic skills like organization, setting a routine, and timely submission of assignments. Appointments with CULearn: Academic Support tutors can be made via Navigate, calling CULearn, or in-person.

Students in need of accommodations who choose to disclose a disability should contact the Academic Support Coordinator, also located in CULearn CC248, for information concerning accommodations in the classroom. Students must submit an application to Application for ADA Accommodations, provide a diagnosis and documentation of testing by a licensed professional, and meet with the Academic Support Coordinator before a letter of accommodations can be issued. Students may contact Academic Support with further questions concerning the application procedures.

The Writing Center 

Phone: 708-209-3462
Email: writing.center@cuchicago.edu
Location: CULearn, Christopher Center 248
Website: https://www.cuchicago.edu/academics/academic-resources/

Develop your Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral-level writing skills with writing specialists who focus on scholarly writing. Located in CULearn’s Writing Center in CC248J,  writing tutors offer support at any stage of the writing process from creating outlines to providing suggestions on written drafts. Appointments are in-person or over the phone. Students needing research support can be directed by the Writing Center staff to work with a university librarian.

University Library 

Phone: 708-209-3050
Email: library@cuchicago.edu
Location: Klinck Memorial Library
Website: https://www.cuchicago.edu/academics/academic-resources/library/

The Klinck Memorial Library is a growing organism where students have access to millions of digital resources including: eBooks, databases, and streaming videos anywhere on and off campus. CUC students can easily request articles the library does not own within the databases, resulting in a 4 business day turnaround.  Professional librarian research services are available in-person, by phone, email, or Zoom every day of the week.