2022-2023 Academic Catalog

English as Second Language (ESL)

ESL-6027: Assessment of Language Minority Students (3 hours)

Comprehensive overview of current developments in the assessment of English language learners in the context of school learning and academic achievement. How to structure assessment procedures to reflect current research understandings, best classroom practices and state and federal mandates are emphasized. Analysis of purposes and forms of assessment, barriers to fair assessment of ELLs, and designing and adapting authentic assessment tools for formal and informal methods of assessing English proficiency and academic development in English at varying levels. Field Work: 20 hours.

ESL-6300: Foundations of Bilingual/Bicultural Education (3 hours)

Examination of the historical, philosophical, legal, and ethical foundations of teaching English language learners. Emphasis given to the development of current educational policies and effective instructional practices of educating all language minority students. Field Work: 5 hours.

ESL-6350: Cross-Cultural Studies: Teaching Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students (3 hours)

Examination of diverse cultures and how they differ and are the same, focusing on historical and contemporary social and cultural issues affecting culturally and linguistically diverse students. Emphasis on the impact of the cultural, social, psychological, structural and sociopolitical processes affecting the learning, participation and identity construction of language minority students and the need for appropriate teaching and learning strategies for today’s diverse student population. Also addressed is the role of ethics in instruction for CLD students and moral education to promote the development of independent, reflective moral agents that enable individuals to make informed decisions and justify principles that guide decision-making processes. Field Work: 10 hours.

ESL-6556: Seminar in Reflective Practice (3 hours)

Implementation of an action research, self-study or other practitioner research project. Data collection and analysis to inform researcher’s perspective as it relates to pertinent educational issues. As a result, the research will be presented in a final formal format to serve as the project capstone. Prerequisite: A grade of B or higher in EDU-6640 or ESL-6640.

ESL-6610: Language and Linguistics (3 hours)

Analysis of the symbolic systems and the cultural bases of English in relationship to other languages through exploration of structure and history, language development and variation and communicative competence in the context of language use. Examination of L1 and L2 literacy development. Field Work: 5 hours.

ESL-6620: Teaching English as a Second Language (3 hours)

Application of major theories and research to help ELLs develop language and literacy in the content areas. Development and implementation of standards-based instructional strategies and assessment procedures adapted to ELLs at varying levels of language and literacy development in the content areas. Field Work: 30 hours.

ESL-6630: Methods and Materials for Teaching Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students (3 hours)

Exploration and analysis of relevant K-12 pedagogical approaches, methods and strategies needed to convey to a diverse population state and professional standards-based curricula. Development, adaptation and evaluation of materials for implementation in lesson planning and assessment for teaching English to speakers of other languages to particular groups of different ages, ability levels and cultural backgrounds. Inclusion of strategies that foster both language acquisition and academic achievement in speaking, reading, writing and listening. Field Work: 30 hours.

ESL-6640: Teacher as Researcher (3 hours)

Principles of teacher research. Focus on development of basic research skills to carry out Action Research, Self-Study or other practitioner research projects with the goal of improved teacher practice. Skills for interpreting published research are also emphasized.

ESL-6950: Independent Study in English as a Second Language (1-6 hours)