2024-2025 Academic Catalog

Knowledge and Information Management (KMIL)

KMIL-6000: Knowledge Audits, Measurements, and Analysis (3 hours)

This course incorporates an overview of the various methods and techniques for evaluating an organization’s utilization of possessed knowledge; benchmarking and measurement practices that assist a company’s assessment of knowledge management efficiency, functionality and potential. Auditing processes, the importance of developing and altering current efforts, with the allowance for contingency concerns.

KMIL-6020: Knowledge Management for Higher Education Leadership (3 hours)

Application of knowledge management principles to a university environment, including how to apply information regarding learners, faculty, staff, state and national legislature, and competing institutions to improve the academic quality and educational conditions of the organization. The process of acquiring knowledge from a learning institution and developing a system to assist with future strategies that correspond with the current requirements, industry preferences and objectives of an institution.

KMIL-6080: Knowledge Administration (3 hours)

The various administrative responsibilities of knowledge workers and how the efficiency of information query and decision systems could be improved to allow for a larger amount of potential, ergonomics and end-user satisfaction; leadership techniques associated with administration and the varying approaches for structuring a knowledge Management Department, including information acquisition, customer representatives, data storage, system design and the presentation of reports.

KMIL-6090: Knowledge Management Information Leadership (3 hours)

This course provides an understanding of current knowledge management theories and techniques including strategy, development, measurement and analysis of business information. In addition, learners will become familiar with the process of knowledge acquisition, application functionality forecasting, and innovative change initiatives associated with end-user objectives.

KMIL-6950: Independent Study in Knowledge Information Management (1-6 hours)