2021-2022 Academic Catalog

Education (EDUC)

EDUC-6040: Introduction to Classroom Teaching and Technology for Learning (3 hours)

This course introduces to variety of instructional strategies to prepare pre-service teachers for teaching with a focus on lesson planning, instructional strategies (including those using technology), and assessments for learning. Enrollment is limited to graduate students working toward initial certification. Field Experience: 10 hours. Prerequisite: Acceptance to the College of Education.

EDUC-6045: Introduction to Theories of Learning and Cognition (3 hours)

This course will introduce pre-service teachers to learning theory, research on cognition, developmentally appropriate instruction and Social and Emotional Learning Standards. Field Experience: Required.

EDUC-6060: Classroom Management and Assessment (3 hours)

A methods course that focuses on appropriate classroom management strategies and classroom assessment and evaluation. Enrollment limited to graduate students working toward initial teacher certification. Field Experience: Required.

EDUC-6150: Foundations in Education (3 hours)

Introductory course that examines the philosophical frameworks for effective teaching and learning, explores the competencies for effective teaching and learning, and traces the historical and contemporary development of education in the American and global contexts.

EDUC-6250: Integrating and Assessing Learning in Diverse Classrooms (3 hours)

Introductory planning and assessing course that explores interdisciplinary unit plans and resource kits to promote critical thinking and collaborative skills, formal and non-formal modes of assessments for interdisciplinary lessons, and the incorporation of state, national and Illinois Social and Emotional Learning Standards and community resources within lesson plans. Field Experience: 10 hours.

EDUC-6290: Characteristics and Instruction of Exceptional Learners (3 hours)

Introductory course that examines the characteristics of exceptional learners (physical, psychological, behavioral/social, and academic) and needs of exceptional learners, including students who have special needs/disabilities and/or who are gifted and talented, explores appropriate programing, instructional strategies, assessments, and record keeping procedures for these learners and identifies the laws, policies and procedures applicable to exceptional of exceptional learners.

EDUC-6350: Theories of Learning, Language Acquisition and Cognition Across Cultures (3 hours)

This foundational education course examines learning, cognition, and language acquisition theories pertinent to linguistically and culturally diverse classrooms. Emphasis will be on application of theories to create culturally responsive teaching practices and learning experiences.

EDUC-6415: Professional Responsibility and Ethics for Teachers (3 hours)

EDUC-6425: Elementary and Secondary Diverse Learners (3 hours)

EDUC-6435: Introduction to Education (3 hours)

This course explores the origins of American education. It introduces students to the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors of effective teachers. The course also provides background to the context of contemporary education through an examination of historical, philosophical and political influences.

EDUC-6445: Introduction to Research: Pre-Service Teachers (3 hours)

EDUC-6920: Introduction to Research Methodology: Action Research (3 hours)

Professional education course that develops students’: (i) research and writing skills essential for Literature Review and Action Research, (ii) proficiency in organizing thoughts and arguments in the context of Literature Review and Action Research; and (iii) skills to integrate research and pedagogy within the education context.

EDUC-6950: Independent Study in Education (1-6 hours)

EDUC-6985: edTPA Seminar and Colloquium (0 hours)

Focus on edTPA portfolio related needs, issues, skills and areas of knowledge, specifically in preparation for submitting the assessment to Pearson. Fee: Required. Corequisite: EDUC-6980.

EDUC-6990: Education Internship (2 hours)

Supervised experience (100 clock hours) in a school, an educational setting, or with an organization in a position that utilizes the skills of an educator. Site to be approved by Concordia-Chicago prior to start.