2021-2022 Academic Catalog

Ancient & Post-Classical Mediterranean Studies Minor

Minor Requirements

Ancient Languages Courses
Select a maximum of 11 hours from the following:11
Hebrew I
Hebrew II
Hebrew Readings
Readings in Hebrew
Independent Study in Hebrew or Aramaic
Greek I
Greek II
Readings in Greek
Greek Readings
Latin I
Latin II
Independent Study in Latin
Historical/Cultural Courses
Select at least two courses within ART, ENG, HIS, PHI, POS:10
Western Art: Pre-history–Renaissance
Greek & Roman Mythology
Classical World Literature
Survey of World History to 1350
Ancient Greek and Roman Civilization
Classical and Medieval Political Theory
History of Israel
Wisdom Writings
The Four Gospels
Paul the Apostle
Mediterranean Perspectives (Course may be used for minor when travel is in a country(ies) within the Mediterranean Basin)
Total Hours21

Graduation Requirements

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