2021-2022 Academic Catalog

Early Childhood Education

The 128 credit-hour minimum is achievable by using specific courses that meet both general education requirements and the Early Childhood Education major curriculum requirements. We recommend students work with their academic advisors.

The Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education degree leads to the state of Illinois Educator Licensure in Early Childhood Education (birth – Grade 2) with an English as a Second Language (ESL) Endorsement. Early Childhood Education Majors must complete all requirements of the College of Education to be eligible for licensure.

Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) are general education courses Concordia-Chicago agrees to accept in lieu of comparable, lower-division general education requirements. For more information regarding IAI transfer credit, please see the Illinois Board of Higher Education’s iTransfer website at www.itransfer.org.

College of Education Graduation Requirements:

Students in the College of College of Education must meet all University requirements found in the Academic Information section of this catalog. Specific requirements of the College of Education include the following:

  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 for all coursework completed at CUC
  • A minimum GPA of 2.75 for all courses taken in the major at CUC
  • A minimum grade of C- for all courses taken in a major at CUC
  • A passing score on the Illinois State Licensure Test(s) (taken prior to student teaching for those seeking licensure)
  • A passing score on the EdTPA (for those seeking licensure)
  • A passing grade for the Student Teaching Internship
  • With the exception of student teaching, courses in the education major at CUC may not be taken on the Pass/Fail grade option
  • In addition to the overall minimum credits for the degree major, minor, endorsement, and special programs (Honors Program for example) requirements are also necessary if they have been declared. Deficiency in any area of the program will delay awarding of the degree and will require filing of a new intent to graduate. Students may elect to drop minors, additional endorsements, or other special programs if they present an obstacle to graduation.

Early Childhood Program General Education Requirements (47-63 hours)

All courses in the Illinois approved program must have the grade C- or higher, course in the approved program may not be taken on the Pass/Fail grade option.

Communication (9 Hours)

ENG-1100English Composition3
COM-1100Speech Communication3
ENG-2000Writing About Literature3

Humanities (9 Hours)

HUM-1995Arts and Ideas (incoming freshmen, transfer students exempt)3
Vocation and College Success (Transfer students are exempt from this course)
HIS-1200History of the American People to 18773
or HIS-1250 History of the American People since 1877
Transfer students select additional one 3 credit course from the following list as needed to total nine hours of Humanities:3
U.S. Latina/o Literature(s)
African American Literature
Literature for Children, Adolescents & Young Adults
Survey of Church History
Encountering Religion in America
Any Philosophy course
Any Foreign Language course 1

Social and Behavioral Sciences (9 Hours)

Required Courses 9
People and Society (transfer students are exempt)
American Government and Politics
World Geography: Culture Patterns
Transfer students select additional courses from the following list as needed to total 9 hours of social and behavioral sciences.
Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
Foundations of Economics
Foundations of Ethics of American Education
Geography of North America
The Developing World
American Government and Politics
General Psychology
Introduction to Sociology

Global Studies (3 Hours)

GEO-1200World Geography: Culture Patterns3

Natural Sciences (7-8 Hours)

At least one of the transfer courses in science must include a lab. All ECE majors must take Science courses that address at least three areas of science (physical science, life science and earth/space science) and earn a C- or higher in the coursework.

NSCI-1110Concepts in Chemistry and Biology4
NSCI-1120Concepts in Physics and Earth Science4

Mathematics (3 Hours)

MAT-1412Mathematics for Early Childhood Teachers: Geometry, Statistics, Functions3

Health/Fitness (1 Hour)

PES-1010Fitness and Wellness1

Theology – Public Teacher Education (6 Hours)

Biblical Course
THY-1100The Bible3
Theological Course
THY-1210Introduction to Christianity3

Theology – Lutheran Teacher Education (21 Hours)

Required Methods Course
EDUC-4900Lutheran Teacher: Vocation and Methods3
Theology Minor (2.75 GPA Required)
Lutheran Foundations 1
Introduction to the Old Testament 2
Introduction to the New Testament
Survey of Church History
Lutheran Theology 1
Lutheran Theology 2