2021-2022 Academic Catalog

Graduate Student Services

Academic Student Support – Academic Center for Excellence

Phone: 708-209-3462
Email: ace@CUChicago.edu
Location: Klinck Memorial Library, Lower Level
Website: www.cuchicago.edu/academics/success

Students with disabilities should contact the Academic Center for Excellence, located on the lower level of Klinck Library, for information concerning accommodations in the classroom. A diagnosis and documentation of testing by a licensed professional must be submitted to ACE before services may be received. Students may contact the ACE with further questions concerning the application procedures.


Phone: 708-209-3173
Location: Koehneke Community Center, Lower Level
Website: https://cuchicago.bncollege.com/shop/cuchicago/home

The campus bookstore is located on the lower level of the Koehneke Community Center (KCC). All course textbooks are available, as well as school supplies, gift items and clothing carrying University emblems. Textbooks may be ordered online at: http://CUChicago.bncollege.com.

Career Services

Phone: 708-209-3033
Email: Career.Services@cuchicago.edu
Location: Kreft Student Success Center
Website:  https://cuchicago.edu/experience/student-services/career-services

The Career Services Office is not just about finding a job after college. Rather, it is about developing skills that are essential in managing a career at any point throughout the career development continuum. The goal is to assist students and alumni in every aspect of career exploration and goal fulfillment.

Career Services staff is available to meet with students to develop their job search strategies and assist in targeting employers utilizing a variety of online resources. CUC’s affiliation with employers, as well as a consortium called the Career College Consortium of Illinois (CCCIllinois) has resulted in a broad range of opportunities for students and alumni. The Concordia Career Services website and the Concordia Connect (portal) link students to resources for résumé writing, job and internship searches, and announce career-related events such as job fairs and workshops.

All students are encouraged to meet with a Career Services staff member. Career Services provides access to a variety of resources with information on occupations, projections and preparation. This will help prepare students to assess themselves successfully, research options, and use effective tools in their job search. Services include career information, resources, individual counseling, group workshops, job search strategies, résumé writing, video resumés and interview skills.

Community Health Clinic

Phone: 708-488-4307
Email: Health.Clinic@cuchicago.edu
Location: Kreft Student Success Center
Website: https://www.cuchicago.edu/experience/student-services/health

Student Health Services is dedicated to the good health of Concordia University Chicago students. CUC is committed to making sure that students find quality health and wellness care. CUC attempts to limit the impact of injury or illness by the provision of services for early intervention.

Examples of services/treatments that the clinic will provide include, but are not limited to: Abrasions, Allergies, Common Colds, Coughs, Ear Infections, Nasal Congestion, Eye Irritations, Flu, Insect/Tick Bites, Minor Burns, Minor Cuts, Sinus Infections, Skin Conditions, Sore Throat, Strep Throat/Laryngitis, Staple/ Suture Removal, Urinary Tract Infections.

Tetanus/diphtheria or Tdap vaccination and TB tests are available in the Health Clinic.

During the clinic’s non-business hours, students can access several physicians in the area, as well as two walk-in clinics within walking distance of campus. These centers are familiar with treating CUC students and are fully equipped to handle most laboratory tests and minor medical procedures. You can find more information at CUChicago.edu/experience/student-services/health.


Illinois State law and CUC policy requires all graduate students who are taking 3 or more credit hours at Concordia University Chicago campus must provide immunization records or evidence of exemption from this requirement according to Illinois state law and University policy. Students who are taking all classes online are exempt from this requirement.

  • Measles, mumps, rubella (MMR): two vaccinations after your first birthday (not required if you were born before January 1, 1957)
  • Meningitis: one vaccination after 16th birthday (for students 22 years and younger)
  • Tetanus, Diphtheria and Pertussis (TDAP): within the past 10 years
  • TB Testing -Required for international students only within the last 12 months. Must upload chest x-ray if TB Skin test is failed
  • 2 primary series Tetanus for International students only. Toxoid vaccine (TT) is not acceptable.

International students and/or non-U.S. Citizens:  Vaccines are required as noted above. Additionally, these students are required to have a Tuberculin (TB) skin test or blood test for TB with a negative result within the 12 months preceding the first day of classes (chest X-ray required if test is positive). In addition, international students must provide dates of three or more doses of tetanus and diphtheria (Td) vaccine administered at the appropriate age, the last dose having been received within 10 years of enrollment.

The immunization requirements must be completed prior to the start of classes.

*Students not in compliance with Illinois immunization law 30 days after the first day of classes will have a $75 non-compliance charge assessed to their student account each semester.

Counseling Center

Phone: 708-209-3033
Email: Career.Services@cuchicago.edu
Located: Kreft Student Success Center, Room 130
Website: https://www.cuchicago.edu/experience/student-services/counseling-center

The Counseling Center is staffed by licensed clinical counselors and is available to the entire campus community for personal consultation. In some cases students also may be referred to local services for additional support.

Information Technology Services

Phone: 708-209-3131
Located: Klinck Memorial Library, 2nd Floor
Website: https://www.cuchicago.edu/experience/cougarnet

Information Technology Services (ITS) provides and supports the campus data network. ITS provides network services on the campus for computing devices by managing a high-speed network in all residence halls, classrooms, offices, libraries and other campus buildings. Wireless connectivity is also available on the majority of the campus for students to access the network with laptop computers and mobile devices. A high-speed, dedicated Internet link provides the campus network with full access to the Internet.

ITS provides and supports a full range of server resources including usernames/passwords, email and print queue management. ITS also maintains more than 200 email lists for sending messages to various campus populations. ITS conducts regular training sessions on various application software packages used across campus and provides personal computers and graphic and multimedia resources for classes and special events. ITS can serve as a resource for students who wish to purchase their own computer, laptop or software and also operates the CougarNet Help Desk, which provides technical assistance to campus technology users.

Administrative Information System Services

Administrative Information Systems (AIS) supports and coordinates Concordia University Chicago’s administrative software package (Ellucian Banner). Banner provides students and faculty with secure web access to administrative data. Students have access to course schedules, personal class schedules, accounts, financial aid awards, grade reports, student bills and transcripts.

Computer Labs

ITS also supports three well-equipped, general-use computer labs for student use. One lab is open seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Computers are updated frequently and provide the student with excellent access to the latest in computer hardware and applications. There also is a dedicated music computer lab for class use. Workstations also are available for use in both campus libraries as well as in select locations across campus.

Concordia Connect Portal

Managed by AIS, the Concordia Connect web portal (accessible at https://connect.CUChicago.edu) is a secure and personalized website designed to provide a single location to access many of the online resources commonly used at CUC. The portal offers direct links into BannerWeb for common tasks such as registering for classes, viewing grades, requesting a transcript, viewing bills and making online payments. Other services accessible through the portal include Concordia Email, Blackboard, access to resource documents and much more.


CougarNet provides all information and technology services for Concordia University Chicago students, faculty and staff, including computer support services, AV resources and set-up and assistance with Concordia Connect, CUC’s online portal. CougarNet plays an essential role in providing the information resources students, faculty and staff need to achieve academic excellence.

Print Services

Print Services provides and supports the campus printing devices including centrally located high-speed printers, copy machines, folding and sorting machines, and color copying, as well as distributed laser printers and digital copiers throughout the campus.

Web Services

Web Services is a division of CougarNet responsible for the management and development of University website and Concordia Connect.

Library Services

Phone: 708-209-3050
Email: Library@cuchicago.edu
Located: Klinck Memorial Library
Website: https://www.cuchicago.edu/academics/library

The Klinck Memorial Library is home to more than 160,000 books, audio/visual materials and periodical subscriptions, 480,000 ERIC microfiche documents, and over 80 electronic databases with remote access. A special collection of musical scores and long-playing vinyl albums is also available for use by library patrons. There are over 40 public computers and wireless Internet access is provided.

A group study room and The Center for Church Music, as well as the audiovisual listening center, are part of the library. CougarNet is located on the upper level of the library building. The Academic Center for Excellence and University archives are on the lower level.

The Christopher Resource Center, located in the Christopher Center Building on the west end of campus, is an integral part of the Klinck Memorial Library. The Resource Center contains a large collection of K-12 curriculum materials and both fiction and non-fiction books from PreK to young adult. It houses a computer lab and a production room with laminator and die cuts. The Instructional Design and Technology department is also located in the Resource Center. It is used by faculty for online, hybrid and web-enhanced instructional design.

The Klinck Memorial Library is a member of the RAILS, LIBRAS and CARLI. LIBRAS membership consists of 17 private college and university libraries located in the Chicago metropolitan area, focused on promoting cooperation, continuing education and networking among its members. CARLI member libraries share resources, including the I-Share online catalog, among over 80 academic and research libraries. In addition, Concordia University Chicago is a member of the University Center of Lake County, which provides bachelor’s degree completion, graduate and advanced professional development programs to those who work and reside in Lake County.

Residence Life

Graduate students must be registered for at least six semester hours during the regular academic year, or for one three-hour course each summer session to be eligible for residence hall living.

Students living in residence halls will be supplied with a desk and chair, lamp, dresser, bed, and mattress. Students are expected to provide their own blankets, pillow, bedspread and linens.

A single room may be assigned upon request, if space is available, at an additional charge. Contact the Director of Residential Life and Housing for details. Special arrangements may be available for married couples. During the regular academic year, preference for on‐campus housing will be given to full‐ time undergraduate students.

Campus Housing

The Department of Residence Life at Concordia University Chicago is dedicated to housing those students who need it. Due to the potential for limitations in residential space, priorities for these spaces are on a first‐come first‐served basis. While a majority of the students who live in the residence halls are undergraduate level, graduate-level students are able to reside in these same spaces, provided capacity has not been reached.

Rates are based on a double occupancy room. Should single rooms become available, a student may request this option for an additional fee. The cost of a single room is an additional $500. These are only granted if space is available.

Any student wishing to change status during his or her agreed‐upon occupancy will need to gain approval of the Dean of Students. Any student canceling a housing contract and approved by the Director of Residence Life and Housing to move off campus will be assessed a $500 cancellation penalty for breaking the agreed‐upon contract. The cancellation penalty will be assessed to students regardless of the time of the year they withdraw and will be deducted automatically from any room and board refund they might be receiving, or, after the eight-week point in the semester, when no refund is available, will be added as a penalty charge. Payments for room and board are made each semester, and as such, the reimbursements only apply to payments already made. If a change of status is granted, the reimbursements occur to the following timeline:

  • Full Reimbursement: As established by the housing agreement, any student who withdraws a housing application prior to occupancy, or by the end of the first week of classes for either semester, is eligible for full reimbursement of paid charges, minus the $500 cancellation fee. If any meals or Cougar Cash were used, then a student would be charged for that usage accordingly.
  • Fifty Percent Reimbursement: As established by the housing agreement, any student who withdraws from housing after the first week of classes, but prior to the end of the eight-week mark of the semester, is eligible for a 50 percent reimbursement of room and board charges for the semester, minus the $500 cancellation fee.
  • No Reimbursement: As established by the housing agreement, any student who withdraws from housing after the eight-week mark of the semester (the exception being for hardship situations approved by the Dean of Students) will receive no reimbursement of room or board charges for the semester and will be charged a $500 cancellation fee.

Housing Deposit

A deposit is required to be made by all students applying to live in a room in one of the University residence halls for either fall, spring or both semesters. One deposit will cover the entire year, if applying for the academic year. The amount for the deposit is $200. This deposit is applied toward the balance of the room and board fees. Students wishing to reside in one of the residence halls beginning for the fall semester, the deposit should be made by July 1. For those who wish to begin their residence during the spring semester, then it should be made by November 1.

Refund of the housing deposit can be only made if the Director of Residence Life and Housing is notified in writing of the room cancellation prior to July 1 of the year of enrollment or re-enrollment, or November 1 if entering in the spring semester. The refund of the deposit does not negate any penalties of the cancellation of the housing contract.