2022-2023 Academic Catalog

Elements of Academic Life

Academic Advising & Study Abroad

The Office of Undergraduate Academic Advising & Study Abroad  partners with all undergraduate students and is focused on efficient progress. Academic advising is offered to all current undergraduate students to educate, assist and empower them in making well-informed decisions related to academic goals, student programs and supplemental learning experiences. Academic advisors are available by appointment to assist undergraduate students with meeting graduation goals for their programs of study in accordance with the University’s program requirements and the standards set by any certifying agency.

All students are encouraged to consult with their academic advisor a minimum of once per academic year. Advisors frequently meet with students who want to declare or remove majors or minors, conduct an unofficial degree audit or develop graduation plans. Advisors have student success in mind and also will encourage and refer students to other academic support services available on campus to enhance and support academic success. Other academic questions or concerns may be addressed to the student’s academic advisor as needed. 

Students who declare a major are automatically assigned a faculty advisor who may assist with developing class schedules for registration, discuss possible internships and careers relating to the student’s major and serve as a mentor for those who are pursuing a major within the faculty advisor’s area of expertise. All students are encouraged to continue annual consultation with an academic advisor until the ultimate goal of graduation is met. The Advising Office is located in the Kreft building.