2024-2025 Academic Catalog

Education Studies: Elementary (MA)

Degree Requirements

Prerequisites to Professional Courses
EDUC-6150Foundations in Education3
EDUC-6250Integrating and Assessing Learning in Diverse Classrooms3
EDUC-6350Theories of Learning, Language Acquisition and Cognition Across Cultures3
Professional Courses
EDEL-6901Teaching English Language Arts: Content3
EDEL-6902Teaching English Language Arts: Methods and Assessment3
EDEL-6908Teaching Science: Content, Methods and Assessment3
EDEL-6910Teaching Social Studies: Content, Methods and Assessment3
EDEL-6918Teaching Physical Education and the Fine Arts: Content, Methods and Assessment3
EDEL-6919Teaching Elementary Math for 21st Century Learners3
EDEL-6922Professionalism, Leadership, Communication and Ethics for Pre-service Elementary Teachers3
EDUC-6290Characteristics and Instruction of Exceptional Learners3
Total Hours33