2022-2023 Academic Catalog

Business Intelligence Analysis (BIA)

BIA-2100: Foundations of Applied Business Analytics (3 hours)

Rapidly changing technology creates an imperative for decision-makers to have the ability to use the best tools to create, manipulate and report data. Students will examine the concepts of data analysis and how it relates and informs business process and decision-making. A focus will be learning how to identify and verify data sources, and the retrieval, cleaning and manipulation of data. The course integrates topics in business statistics-project management, production and operations management.

BIA-2200: Business Intelligence (3 hours)

Students will gain an understanding of how business intelligence was and is used to uncover new opportunities, create market value, market advantage and increase ROI. Incorporating the case study method and hands-on application, students are introduced to the end-to-end business intelligence process and life cycle, platform, database and analytical tool usage. Students will learn about processing and analyzing data, quality assurance and regulatory adherence, and how to prepare data for consumption by varied consumer and business audiences.

BIA-3100: Data Management for Business Intelligence (3 hours)

Data management solutions meet at the intersection of big data and business analytics. Students will explore the data management tools for running analyses on disparate data. Students will acquire an understanding of the principles, practices, and technologies required for data management across the data lifecycle, as well as the emerging issues in data management. Students gain the skills to analyze an organization's data asset in order to develop policies, procedures and systems that control, protect, deliver and enhance value.

BIA-3200: Data Mining, Visualization, and Big Data for Business (3 hours)

The purpose of this course is to deal with the issue of extracting information and knowledge from large databases to support human decision-making. Applications include: machine learning, data and text mining for big data, social media, and marketing applications. Data visualization tools and techniques are explored. Students will examine methods for transforming big data into new and useful information, and how to communicate results to a wide variety of stakeholders using technical and business communication skills.

BIA-4900: Capstone – Business Intelligence and Data Analytics (3 hours)

This capstone course is the culminating experience for the B.S. in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics program. Options: (a) Students will work on their research project under the guidance of a faculty advisor; or (b) Students will locate an internship. The focus will be on data analytics and business intelligence application.

BIA-4950: Independent Study in Business Intelligence & Analytics (1-6 hours)