2024-2025 Academic Catalog

Leave of Absence Policy

A leave of absence is a temporary postponement of studies at the university with the intention of resuming within 180 days. A student currently enrolled at Concordia University Chicago, and who plans to return within 180 days, must request an official leave of absence. A student must submit the Leave of Absence Status Form to the respective office listed below. Only under extraordinary circumstances, as approved by the Office of the Registrar, may the leave of absence status be extended. A student on leave of absence does not need to apply for readmission to the university, but must contact his/her academic advisor to resume studies. A student who is absent for more than 180 days will be administratively withdrawn from the university for non-attendance.  International students requesting a leave of absence (which is different from Annual Leave) should contact the Center for International Student Services at CISS@cuchicago.edu.

Leave of Absence Policy for Military Educational Benefits Recipients

Leave of Absences due to deployment are handled by the Office of the Dean of Students. Students should contact the Office of the Dean of Students to discuss the best option available based on timing of deployment within the semester.