2024-2025 Academic Catalog

Health Science Certificates


College of Health, Science & Technology

Criminal Justice: Certification in Policing (12 hours)

CRJ-4540Sociology of Policing3
CRJ-4550Theories in Policing3
CRJ-4560Legal Parameters of Policing3
CRJ-4570Community-Police Relations3
Total Hours12

Gerontology (12 hours)

  • IGER-1000Introduction into Aging Studies and the Human Experience3
    IGER-2000Combating Ageism in Everyday Life3
    Select two of the following:6
    Introduction to Art Therapy
    Grants & Contract Management & Development
    Loss and Mourning
    Social Policies and Aging
    Agng Minrties in Amercn Socty
    Memry Loss & Aging-Myth/Realty
    Creativity and Aging
    Total Hours12