2024-2025 Academic Catalog

Doctor Business Administration in Healthcare Management (DBAH)

DBAH-7701: Innovative Best Practices in Healthcare Management (3 hours)

This course is a survey of best practices in healthcare management and focuses on those determined to be innovative through recognition from Malcolm Baldridge Awards, Magnet Certification, and the Center of Excellence Designation. Innovation is reviewed and methods and techniques that stimulate, develop, and foster innovative practices are examined.

DBAH-7702: Healthcare Analytics and Financial Applications for Healthcare Management (3 hours)

This course examines the application of healthcare analytics and models to increase healthcare performance by the healthcare facility or system with emphasis on revenue cycle management and supply chain management using mobile technologies and other advanced techniques. It uses analytics in examining financial management, patient care innovations that improve financial performance while improving quality and mitigating risk.

DBAH-7703: Governance of Healthcare Systems (3 hours)

This course reviews healthcare system governance from the perspective of strategic policy formulation and execution, the governing body, ensuring the establishment of internal controls to ensure the integrity of the system, methods for accountability and transparent reporting to healthcare system stakeholders. It reviews innovative practices in healthcare system governance using information technology to leverage and ensure that the organization is proactive and compliant to regulations, accreditation standards as it meets the needs of the patient population it serves.