2024-2025 Academic Catalog

Doctor Business Administration Leadership (DBAL)

DBAL-7701: Leadership: Strategy & Thought (3 hours)

This course provides a compendium of leadership on how one leads in today's global, interconnected world. This goal is achieved through two reciprocal actions: leadership thought and thought leadership. Leadership thought provides a historical framework of leadership thought and the conditions under which it appears to effective. Thought leadership is a unique, informed, useful and relevant perspective that derives from strategic leadership thought. It starts at the top, is integrated throughout the organization and becomes an integral part of the brand.

DBAL-7702: Strategic Leadership Practice (3 hours)

This course surveys the universe of leadership practice and allows the student to assess and determine the optimal leadership practice for their situation. It provides a collateral seven-point principle framework that covers care, communication, consciousness, contrasts, context, change, and capability in better understanding the contemporary issue of leadership practice.

DBAL-7703: Disruptive Innovation Execution (3 hours)

This course builds on a synthesis of leadership thought and practice and examines them in the context of innovation and its execution. Innovation execution begins with Strategic Leadership Thought and Practice and translates them into actionable knowledge. The course builds upon the course, DBA-7030 Strategy Formulation, Deployment, and Innovation: A Global Perspective. Students will learn how to create a flexible yet disciplined innovation process to support strategic leadership thought and strategic leadership practice. Prerequisite: B or higher in DBA-7030.