2021-2022 Academic Catalog

Classical Liberal Studies Minor

Minor Requirements

Required Courses
Classical Liberal Studies
CLS-2300Christianity and Humanities3
Foreign Language
Select six hours from ASL, GRE, HEB, LAT or SPA6
Select five of the following: 115
Western Art: Pre-history–Renaissance
Western Art: Post-Renaissance–Contemporary
Greek & Roman Mythology
Anglo-Saxon and Medieval British Literature: 600-1500
Renaissance: 1500-1660
Restoration/Neo-Classicism: 1660-1785
Romantic Period: 1785-1832
Victorian Age: 1832-1901
Development of the English Novel
Early American Literature
American Renaissance
American Realism and Naturalism
Twentieth Century British Fiction
Twentieth Century American Fiction
Twentieth Century Poetry
Classical World Literature
Modern World Literature
Ancient Greek and Roman Civilization
The Age of Reform, 1400-1650
Europe In Our Time: 1918-Present
Rise and Decline of Modern Europe: 1799-1918
Europe's Road to Modernity: 1650-1799
History of Western Music to 1750
History of Western Music 1750-1900
Reason and Religion
Ethical Theory
Total Hours24

Graduation Requirements

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