2024-2025 Academic Catalog

College of Business Electives

Major and Minor Electives 


ACC-2200Accounting & Financial Management of Small Business3
ACC-3100 Intermediate Accounting I3
ACC-3200Intermediate Accounting II3
ACC-4300Individual Tax Accounting3
ACC-4400Business Tax Accounting3
ACC-4500Cost Accounting3
ACC-4700Accounting in Not-for-Profit Organizations3


BUS-4990College of Business Internship1-6

Business Intelligence & Analytics

BIA-2100Foundations of Applied Business Analytics3
Other BIA Courses
BIA-2200Business Intelligence3
BIA-3100Data Management for Business Intelligence3
BIA-3200Data Mining, Visualization, and Big Data for Business3
BIA-4900Capstone – Business Intelligence and Data Analytics3


ECO-2000Personal Finance3
ECO-4220Money, Banks and Financial Institutions3


FIN-4260Individual Finance3
FIN-4270Investments and Risk Management3
FIN-4280Corporate Finance and Capital Budgeting3
FIN-4290International Finance3


MGT-3000Business Writing3
MGT-3010Advanced Business Law3
MGT-4000Global Business Strategy3
MGT-4010Small Business Management3
MGT-4030Human Resource Management3
MGT-4040Organizational Behavior3
MGT-4100Operations and Project Management3
MGT-4300Field Study in International and Global Business Strategy3
MGT-4510Personal & Institutional Finance in Not-for-Profit Enterprise or Church3
MGT-4520Board Governance and Management of Volunteers3
MGT-4530Law, Policies & Government Relations for Not-for-Profits3
MGT-4540Grants & Contract Management & Development3
MGT-4950Independent Study in Management1-3


MKT-2105Essentials of Digital Marketing3
MKT-4000Marketing Research3
MKT-4130New Product Development3
MKT-4140Global Marketing3
MKT-4150Consumer Behavior3
MKT-4540Marketing Communication3

Sports Management and Business 

SMB-1050Foundations of Sports Management3
SMB-2100Intercollegiate Athletic Administration of Sport3
SMB-2500 Sport Facility and Event Management3
SMB-2600Sport Media Communication3
SMB-3100Diversity of Sport3
SMB-3200Organization and Administration of Sport3
SMB-3500Governance of Sport3
SMB-4000Sports Management Capstone Course3