2021-2022 Academic Catalog

Communication Minor

Minor Requirements

Select 21 hours from the following:21
Communication Research and Writing
Topics in Communication
Independent Study in Communication
Internship in Communication (three hours applied to major)
Total Hours21

Suggested Courses

Strategic Communication (suggested)

COM-2400Public Relations3
COM-3200Business Communication3
COM-4260Event Planning and Management3
COM-4230Organizational and Team Communication3

Human Communication and Culture (suggested)

COM-2300Interpersonal Communication3
COM-3220Nonverbal Communication3
COM-3210Family Communication3
COM-4110Advanced Speech Communication3
COM-4250Intercultural Communication3
COM-4880Independent Communication Research3

Media Studies (Suggested)

COM-2200Introduction to Film Studies3
COM-2500Global Documentary3
COM-3350Television Culture3
COM-3650Film Directors3
COM-3450Film Genres3
COM-4100Media and Cultural Studies3
COM-3750National Cinema3
COM-4331International Film History3
COM-4340Gender and Sexuality in the Media3

Media Production (Suggested)   

COM-4310Radio Production I3
COM-4311Radio Production II3
COM-4360Media Production I3
COM-4361Media Production II3
COM-4364Broadcast News Production3
COM-4365Scriptwriting for Television and Film3
COM-4450WCGR Practicum I1
COM-4451WCGR Practicum II1.5

Graduation Requirements

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