2022-2023 Academic Catalog

Stop-Out Status

Stop-Out for Traditional Undergraduate Students 

Stop-Out students are students who currently are enrolled at Concordia University Chicago who wish to halt their academic progress for one or more semesters before resuming their program. To be considered for Stop-Out, the student must submit the Stop-Out Status Form to the Dean of Students office. Students wishing to be placed on Stop-Out within a currently enrolled semester may only do so through the 10th week of the semester. After the 10th week, a student must apply for withdrawal from the University.

The stop-out period may not exceed one academic year. Only under extraordinary circumstances, as approved by the Registrar, may the stop-out status be renewed beyond the one-year limit.

Such students’ records will be maintained in the current student files. Students on Stop-Out need not apply for readmission, but must contact the Academic Advising office to resume their studies. Students in this category are only eligible for financial aid during their actual semesters of attendance; likewise, verification of enrollment only can be done for actual semesters in attendance.

Stop-Out for Accelerated Degree Seeking Students

Students may elect to stop-out for one or more semesters and notify their ADP Enrollment Advisor. When the student is ready to return, he/she should notify the Enrollment Advisor.  The Executive Director for the Online Accelerated Degree program in consultation with staff and the Financial Aid Office makes a determination on eligibility to resume enrollment. Students who do not enroll for three consecutive semesters excluding summer, must complete an application for re-admission.