2023-2024 Academic Catalog

Catalog Addendum

These are new items added to the catalog after its original publication.

International Student Services:

International students must be enrolled full time every fall and spring semester (MBA students must contact their Graduate Program Specialist regarding summer enrollment compliance). Undergraduate students must take a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester to be considered full-time status. Graduate students must take a minimum of 6 credit hours per semester to be considered full-time status (at least one course must be taken the first 8 weeks and one course the second 8 weeks). Only one designated online class may be taken each semester.

International students are not allowed to drop below full-time status unless the students receive permission and a signature from a Designated School Official. Please schedule an appointment at International Student Services for more information.


Transcript: $8 each request.

All official transcript requests are processed by the National Student Clearinghouse. The transcript can be sent electronically by email or in a paper format by USPS mail. If a student selects the paper format and would like to pick it up on campus, please contact the Office of the Registrar as soon as the order is placed at registrar@cuchicago.edu.

A transcript order is defined as a request for an official transcript to each destination/address; each separate destination/address constitutes a separate order. Each transcript is $8.00 per copy and is available as an electronic transcript or hard-copy transcript. All administrative obligations to CUC must be cleared in order to prompt the release of CUC transcripts and diplomas.

Paper Transcript(s): An official transcript is usually printed on special watermarked paper. It includes the registrar’s signature and/or the institution’s seal, and should arrive packaged in a sealed envelope from the institution. Paper transcript(s) delivered to Concordia University Chicago by hand or mail will be accepted as long as the envelope containing the transcript(s) remains sealed. If the envelope has been opened, tampered with, damages, or compromised in any way the transcript(s) will be considered unofficial.

E-transcript(s) (electronic): An e-transcript is official when sent directly to Concordia University Chicago from the originating institution. E-transcript(s) forwarded to Concordia University Chicago from the applicant/student, whether it be the PDF of the document(s) or a link to the download service, will be considered unofficial.

All administrative obligations to CUC must be cleared in order to prompt the release of CUC transcripts and diploma(s). Students who graduated prior to June 2023 should contact the Office of the Registrar at Registrar@cuchicago.edu if they have not received their transcripts and/or diploma(s).

Received Documents: The Office of the Registrar does not release received documents such as transcripts, test scores, etc., that have become the property of Concordia University Chicago. Since Concordia-Chicago is not the official, legal custodian of record for any documents that did not originate at the institution, the office does not have the appropriate authority to release them. Therefore, please contact the originating institution or organization that produced the original records in order to obtain such documents.

Maximum Time Frame

The Satisfactory Academic Progress policy also contains a maximum timeframe component which specifies that the number of credit hours for which a student may receive federal financial aid may not exceed 150 percent of the credit hours required to complete their degree program at CUC. Graduate degree program lengths may vary. Since the minimum number of credit hours needed to complete the master’s degree is 30 hours, students may not receive financial assistance upon attempting more than 45 credit hours. Students need to complete an average of 3.333 credits per semester (including summer) or an average of 5 credits per semester (two in an academic year) in order to complete within 3 years (maximum time frame). Credits transferred into CUC are included as credits attempted for SAP purposes. In addition, grades of “W” are counted in attempted credit hours and counted toward the maximum time frame. Pass/Fail courses count in attempted hours and maximum timeframe. Please note a grade of F (Fail) will count in grade point average; a grade of P (Pass) will not count in the grade point average.